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Current and highest stardust

My highest till date


Are u a hacker or something? How do u get that high togepi candy?

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I have a little less than 600,000 at the moment, its not my highest, though my highest is only about 30,000 more

as previously posted i’m always at 235k dust as reserve for when i finally get a good mewtwo. I’ll start saving from now on, including community day and report back on monday here. Let’s see how easy it is to farm :blush:


You don’t have to be a hacker to save stardust. Below is Brandon Tan’s stardust count from recently & I saw a post in the 40 club of someone who just hit 20mil stardust.



Well he has LOTS of Mewtwo candy

With 6,000 legendary raids completed he has to do something with the rare candy…

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Eggs upon Eggs upon Eggs upon Eggs upon Eggs i guess. Or just waste your rare candys on it i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the dust, the 800 togepi candy

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Lol, its almost impossible but ok

he plays a ridiculously amount of raids tho. He is top tier.

I have about 750k

Met a guy at a raid today with over 9 million…I understand saving some in case a nice 100 drops in your lap or whatever, but the dust isn’t actually valuable until you use it

Maybe he just doesnt have anything worth powering up

Personally the reason why I save up Stardust is so it gives me something to work towards. Probably the best feeling is hitting a million Stardust and then telling yourself that you’ll go for 2 Million.


An Ive just passed 625 000 dust

Damn straight, just hit 1.46mil & 2mil is the next goal.
I’ll use some along the way but the Community day should help a lot & with the number of people raiding RayQueezy right now there is no need for me to have fully powered mons unless I want to try a trio or duo (which I don’t want to yet).
Plus the lower level bosses can be taken out by myself & the gf.



My highest amount of stardust I ever had at one moment was around half a million. Currently I have 29010 stardust.

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I am saving up (kind of). I use every rare candy i get instantly on kyogre to power it up.