CP IV STATS in PokemonGo

CP. Combat Power.
IV. Individual Value.
Stats. Atk def stam…and a few more.

Would the game fair better if all were shown. No more poke genie. No more third party apps to find iv. Simply tell the pokemon details in stats and iv. Can easier find the strongest mon. Know exactly what atk an def stats are. Raise your best pokemon’s cp to the fullest.

Sorta IV and stats are very similar. If the highest stat possible is achieved you get a 15 but with showing the stats you get a more detailed value on your pokemon.

Would it be best for PokemonGo to show more stats on Pokemon?

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IVs were supposed to stay hidden, stats would make sense

With showing them we will no longer need third party apps


I don’t know why there is such a need to hide stats. The existing in game appraisals pave the way for us to want to know more. Let the appraisal reveal the values to us, let us know the best Pokémon.


Exactly. Instead of guessing stats. Or using third party.

IVs were always hidden and only hinted at by the Judge
No reason to hide actual stats tho

Maybe something like this…

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YES, exactly.