CONFIRMED! Lunatone and Solrock are Region-Exclusive


According to “Twenty-three additional Pokémon appear in Pokémon GO for the very first time. Of particular note are the mighty Lunatone and Solrock, which can be found throughout the world, but never in the same region at the same time.”

They are time exclusive, not “region exclusive”

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They are time exclusive, which is better!

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Nope. They are region-exclusive. “never in the same region at the same time”

They mean that they Will never maat each other cause there tome exclusive

Yes, but still region exclusive nonetheless. I have the screenshots to prove it. We have Lunatone here 5AM (which is when they are released), but there’s still no Solrock spawns until now.

Solrock spawns when it’s daytime in PoGo, and Lunatone at night.
So then the meaning of not in the same region at the same time, is they day/night thing.

As I have said already, Solrock has not spawned here.

rarity is a thing. (30char)

Check with trackers and GC’s. No spawns. Unlike Lunatone that spawns a lot during the night

Please provide a screenshot for this. I honestly have seen no Solrock, and no one has seen one in our country, even once.

I even checked twitter. All people are catching only one of either Solrock and Lunatone. You’re the only one who said you caught both. So you’re either in the border of the Solrock and Lunatone regions, you’re a spoofer, or you’re just trolling just so you won’t admit you’re wrong.

EDIT: There are now reports that people catch both. If that’s the case, then you’re probably on the border, or a somewhat region that has access to both. Are you in Europe?

I watched all night for a lunatone and never saw one. Caught a solrock 5 minutes after drop though.

That means time exclusive because you were able to catch both, at different times.

This is bullsh*t, that’s 8 regional exclusive Pokémon this generation alone, which is more than Gen 1 and 2 combined, why does Niantic keep making them when is obvious everyone that isn’t payed by Niantic (coughcoughMystic7) hates them, are they trying to become bankrupt by 2019, if so they’re off to a great start!

Lunatone and Solrock will be found everywhere in the world but never together, witch means that when it’s Solrocks time to spawn Lunatone will be absent and vice versa. To me that might be region exclusive somewhat. But that hopefully means there won’t be a long time period between each rotation. Day and night rotation would be cool, but I’m not sure that’s the case yet. I haven’t found either one yet so…

It’s been confirmed in multiple places that it follows a day/night pattern. Solrock in day, Lunarock at night. It makes sense. If they were regional exclusives Niantic would be losing a bit more players to spoofing.

Are anorith and lileep regional though? I hope not but I have only seen anorith so far in UK…

I wouldn’t say so. There was a lileep in Ireland so I’d say no

I agree…
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