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CONFIRMED! Lunatone and Solrock are Region-Exclusive

I’ll let you all know what time it was if and when I actually encounter one.

No. People report spawn of Solrocks in Night and Lunatones in Daytime. I was searching for info and in found that solrock is americas and Africa exclusive and Lunatone in Europe, Asia and Australia. Maybe will change like Zangoose and Seviper

People they are not time exclusive, they are region exclusive, maybe they will change región like zangoose and seviper


Oh, well that was a little of a bummer.

Judging from what i’ve heard, the pair are not only regionally exclusive, but also have their spawns influenced (not solely based) on time. For example, I think that if it’s nighttime in California, the odds of catching a Solrock would be ridiculously low. In the day I imagine it would be a lot easier to find one.

There is a Lunatone right now (8.45 am) in my hometown in Germany, unfornunately I can’t catch it xD Didn’t see a Solrock yet.

I caught a lunatone in the day, UK