Community Day - Eevee Evolution

For your Eevee assistance. The ways to get Eevee “1 time” use

These nickname tricks will work but only 1 time.For Umbreon and Espeon you can walk Eevee 10km then evolve it in day ( espeon) or night (umbreon) and it wil work numerous times.


You are saying these will work on CD?

No im saying these work if you never used them before

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Oh, thx for helping everyone!

I hope they do make it that we can use the nicknames. We kind of need to be able to. If not, there’s just a 22% chance of us getting all the shinies with 6 shiny pokemon.

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Ya, wish could use the name trick evolution infinite times, but only during CD hours. Otherwise some shiny eevees kind of go to “waste” if duplicate evolution because all of them have Last Resort as charge move

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I’ll definitely be doing the buddy-walking thing this weekend with two shiny Eevees if I’m lucky to get two. As I’ve done the nickname thing before, my only hope for the other three shiny Eeveelutions is to get lucky :wink: So my mission for the weekend is to catch as many shiny Eevees as possible.

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Sorry lol my bad, 2*1 is 4 of course

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No more suprises… we can’t use the special names :sob::cry::sob::sob::sob:

Hmm, why would they so emphasize the move Last Resort by extending the time?

Possibly because they expect this to be biggest Cday so far. An expect trainers wont remember to evolve.

True, on Sunday it will be hard to remember.

Biggest, in terms of what? The move is not meta relevant and eevee is not super super rare

Its because how many shinies are being released and the fact that it is two days long. @Mew1

Yeah, in terms of shiny, that is the most. Go hub article estimates 400 eevee needed to be caught to get all possible shiny so far

Ya, with the rates it kinda makes sense… squirtle shiny rates where insane compared to others, here’s an example
Larvitar CD: 50 larvitar checked, 0 shiny
Squirtle CD: 80 squirtle checked, 6 shiny :joy:

I doubt I will be able to catch 400 on both CD days

Ya i will check 80 each day max. I have to eat lunch smack in the middle of it which is rough. Although I could eat at a place where you could access 3 stops 1 gym at the same time! @Mew1

Lure up all 3 stops