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Idea by @Pokemon:
Ball and Berry Lock.
This would be great for everyone, but especially for players like @Thorend who have 600 Ultra Balls and only use them. Basically, you just swipe thr lock when on the ball and berry you want, and the next pokemon you tap will already have that berry fed ( you do not have to do this) or ball lock where it will start the encounter with a Ultra Ball not a Poke Ball.


Idea by me:
What is ex raids are still level 5 raids, but battling them would be as if they were level 1 raids, so everyone can participate whenever they can. The raid timer for ex raids would be extended as Well, from 6 am to 6 pm do everyone can participate and get the deoxys


Idea by @JimDaRaider

We need a way to discard eggs. Also even though this is a weird idea, an egg incubator that either A: Hatches the egg automatically, or hatches the egg 10 times. Finally, egg incubators should be like evolution items, they come from pokestops either super rarely or on your 7 day streak.


Idea by @Kevin260709

Legacy TM

A Legacy TM is a TM that is for the Pokémon that had a Legacy move.Thats how you can get these Legacy moves back.You get it from raids.


Idea by @Luke

incense- like thing for a pop-up pokestop for half an hour. Not lure-able

Benefits all players


Idea by @Creepika061116

An EXTREMELY rare item…
It will boost the wild pokemon on the radar to their next evolution.


Another idea by @Creepika061116

shiny berries…
makes a pokemon shiny after fed a certain number of shiny berries.
also probably like rare candy in rarity, but them in quantity


Another idea by @Creepika061116

“I also had the idea of how Mega Evolution could work.
So, to start out, you get a mega stone for a 7 day streak. How do I tell which one I get? Depends on…

The types of most pokemon you caught during your 7 days, e.g. caught a lot of psychic types, could be Alakazam mega stone.
Could also depend on the weather at the moment…
If you did legendary raids, e.g. Mewtwo, if you do 7 total during your 7 days of streak for Pokestops, you have a 1 in 20 chance to get legendary/primal stone”


An idea by @Mew1

“Many raid bosses have shiny variants now, the higher the gym xp you have at the gym that your are raiding at, the higher chance of encountering the shiny raid boss after it is being defeated. Maybe with gold gym badge, triple the normal possibility of shiny, silver has double possibility bronze or lower has normal possibility.“


Idea by @Andrina

“One quite simple improvement I’d really want is for the game to tell that the bag is full at the pokestop/gym/gift moment when it gets filled up. Not at the one that I try to spin and can’t. It gets really annoying when trying to collect gifts or field research tasks on the go and you have to stop to clear space in the bag. I at least often don’t have time to stop if I’m for example going to a bus or train or hurrying domewhere else.

A bit related to what @Luke suggested, I was also thinking about pop up pokestops. More related to (non pokemon) events. I mean it would just be nice with some temporary extra pokestop for say a local festival and give even some new chances for more rural pokestops, say a farmers market or sports event or something. Though my concern would be if they would be submitted like normal pokestops that the process would just be too long for it to get accepted, but maybe some combination with Luke’s pop up pokestop idea. Though I thought these could stay for the duration of an event, like a weekend for example.

Relating to that I thought that commersial companies could also buy temporary pokestops for their own events, sort of like advertisement space.“


Idea by @Gengar1

“ how about fossil pokemon?

you get them at stops and you put them in a special incubator and after some time has passed, they will turn into any number of pokemon, depending on the fossil type.

they should be rare though.“


Idea by @DJNalu

“How about getting certain items through quests like evolution stones or the Primal Orbs through quests, it makes sense because of how they did same thing with the Silver Pinap Berry”


Last but not least, another idea by @Creepika061116

I was thinking about Meltan, who is on my Halloween pumpkin by the way… (useless to you guys)
I was thinking a Mythical Research Quest for him, but only six steps.
Then the hard part #1: it would include getting Steel Types
Hard part #2: At the end, you get the box that Meltan came out of in the “Two Professors” videos.
You walk it a certain number of Kilometers to make it open, then it will hatch kind of like an egg.
Out comes Meltan!


You can now post your ideas about the results


And one final surprise idea by me,

Can someone mail these ideas to Niantic? @Pokemon had some experience with this, I thought


Credits (again) to:
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We had that ball lock before when it was a bug. Would be nice if we atleast got the option to do this.

EX raids can be 2 manned at the moment. This takes away what little teamplay you had to do for it…

Interessting idea. More rewards for gold gyms would be nice. Triple possibility might be a bit much, but an increase sounds good.

You can just contact their support.