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Collaboration part 4 - results

triple times to get a shiny from a raid x an already way too low chance = still a low chance.

no harm there IMO

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its about 1 in ~45 now i think. 1 in ~20 on special raid days.
Cant make it to easy.

This already is part 4 :wink:

I tried to find it so many times. I never found it lol

  • Part 5? Count me in
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  • Hi, don’t want to be part of it😉

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tell that to my pokedex. I do way too many level one’s / shiny raids with no results (as where others get it on their first try).

In all honesty, 3 x is indeed too much, but i’d welcome it :smile:

I think my idea is probably the most easily implementable


My ideas are cooler though.

Also, @Brobraam, thank you for choosing some of my ideas. I might not have as many for part 5, but these are good

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No problem.

And besides, i have no ideas left.

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:scream: I always have ideas

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Thanks you @Brobraam


I am not sure what the shiny percentage is for shiny raid boss encounter in current raid system, maybe 1/20, triple it would be 3/20 = 15%.

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legandary bosses = 1 in 19,5 according to research.
Mawile = 1 in 40
Absol = 1 in 70
level ones i don’t know but somewhere i heared 20% more chance then normal encounters, and normal encounter shiny rate = 1 in 450 (but that research was before the Smackdown event shiny spawn nerf)


How about Shiny Shinx?
He is apparently very common, because I have seen about 50 people with a shiny.


shinx should be just as rare as other pokemon, but people are mass-raiding that little bugger where other T1 raids are mostly skipped. And thus you’ll see more people with a shiny shinx.


It was an great idea to put shinx in Tier 1 raids.Everyone has a chance,but you still need to find the raid.And everyone could easily solo it.