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Collaboration Part 3

The last few weeks I was under the assumption that things came in as new replies or comments.


Can someone help me Idk which people I haven’t posted yet @Jormdeworm

You put Gary Oak’s idea 2 times.

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Do you want to be in part 4?

  • Yes
  • No

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Can someone tell me who I didn’t do please and thank you

What about you???

@Pokemon @Gary_oak @SnivyStar @Mew1 @Jormdeworm @darksylveon1 @Brobraam @Gengar1

@Law2010 @alex9945 and @Necrozmadabest have been added. Who hasn’t??


Dude ur in there

Havent seen it yet. Gonna check t out

No i am not (yet)

I am talking about this collaboration.

Not the next one.

Oh lol
My ideas are in here

Yep and there isn’t a collaboration part four you can make it

Well, i do not have any ideas left. Are those ideas sent to Niantic yet?

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No but I don’t think it is done

Who wants to be part of part 4? This time led by me

  • Me!
  • No, Thanks

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