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Collaboration Part 3

Am I gonna be included in this? XD

No because you didnt give an idea

Oh I understand

I am confused???

Can I continue giving you my Article’s Via Reply???

So, that way You can Plug them in??? @Pokemon

And I want to give @5GodLink do Credit.

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And @Pokemon it seems like your over thinking this.

Just add all the Articles that Everyone Wrote.

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I can’t.

There is a name cap.


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Ok then have 2 posts.

And don’t forget an Opening Letter to Niantic before posting the Articles.

You should have an Introduction, a Body and then Finally a Conclusion.

The Body to the Letter to Niantic I am guessing includes Everyone’s Articles.


Some of us spent A Lot of Time on this Collaboration Part 3.

All Articles Should be Posted.

If you Didn’t post then you Shouldn’t get Credited,However unless one makes a Special Request.

I made a Special Request and I want
@5GodLink and the Others Mentioned in one of My Articles to also get Credited. And that even
includes @Gary_oak even though that person is already in Collaboration Part 3.

I wrote an Article mentioning @Gary_oak all you had to do was copy and paste it as is.

it’s okay, i dont need credit. 90% of the people on here already know most the ideas on here from me.


edit- thank you @Law2010

@5GodLink I am just trying my best to help @Pokemon with the Editing part of Collaboration Part 3.

On a different note do you not Want Credit???

Or just not necessary???

I personally would like to Credit those that deserve Credit.

Do I have your permission @5GodLink and @Gary_oak to Give y’all Credit for whatever I want to give Credit to???

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if its a hassel idc for credit, if not sure😇

It shouldn’t be a hassle??? It’s just Copy and Past.

In part 4 I’ll expand on my battle ideas

I credited @5GodLink

Please stop :sob:

Ok, looking forward

Oh you did. My bad I didn’t even think to look back up and see if you did.

All good