Collaboration Part 3

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Collaboration Part 3! This is the biggest one yet, and we hope to have bigger ones in the future! But… lets get on to the info!

Item lock. You can have a great or ultra ball always appear first so you don’t have to choose it every time on Community Day, and other days.

I also want your buddy to walk behind you, and maybe it can find a item every 1km.

  1. Add wild battles so you can lower the hp of wild Pokémon and make them easier to catch

  2. 2 new berries: one that doubles stardust on catch and another that guarantees that the wild Pokémon won’t flee

  3. 4 moves (2 fast, 2 charge)

More status moves

Status conditions

Changeable stats

Speed, move accuracy, accuracy and evasion stats. They start at 1 and can be changed. Speed determines how fast a move executes, and the accuracy of a move after modifiers is (move accuracy)*(user’s accuracy)/(target’s evasion).

Immunities, such as a normal type move against a ghost type. It does not affect status moves, but the effects of status moves may not affect certain types.

Abilities, like wonder guard, which prevents non-super effective damage.

Held items, which may allow mega evolution and primal reversion to happen.

Other effects like confusion, flinching (idk how it can be used though), and binding.

So the idea is that you get certain items which you can give to your Pokémon so that they can perform better in battle.
These items would be put into your bag after you receive them, by completing research such as “catch 10 poison type Pokémon” which would give you a poison barb item, for example. This would be placed in your bag.
When viewing your Pokémon individually, on the menu where you can appraise and transfer, you can see the bag. In the bag, you can see these items and choose one that is compatible with your Pokémon. In this case, Poison barb powers up poison type moves so you can give it to any mon that has a poison attack. This attack would then receive damage buffs similar to those of weather boosts. You would be able to see the attached item underneath the Pokémon name, before the power up section.
These items would not only boost damage, but they could also heal over time, reduce incoming damage or lower a defending Pokemon’s cp more than normal.
In this way, you could also use pre existing items such as metal coat in this way. If an onyx or scther hold it during a trade, it will evolve just like in the main series games( of course you can evolve like normal with these items)
This feature would put a large strain on bag space, if it were not for the fact that when you give a Pokémon an item, it is removed from your bag. If you want to remove the item, you must make enough space in your bag.
The items would have different rarities. Most are common, which are about as rare as a max revive. The rare items would be harder to get than commons, but less rare that evolution items, which are epic rarity along with others. These would have about a 1/25 stops drop rate. And the next rarity would be Legendary, with approximately 1/100 stops rarity. And finally, they would have Mythic items, which are often Pokémon-exclusive or given out as special reseatch exclusive rewards. The rarer they are, the better they will be.
These items would be given out from stops, gym stops and research. They would have different rarities based on how useful they are, and good ones would be as rare as an evolution item. On your 7-day streak, you would get at least a rare item along with your evolution item.

@Brobraam: -

What if there is a quest, you have to complete in x days, like those global challenges, but individually. Reward could be some rare candies, silver pinaps, etcetera. Or the item in the next idea

-master ball: should be obtainable only once a month, and you can hold only one in your inventory. Usable in raids, but only as last ball. Guarantees the capture of a Pokemon, as long as it hits the Pokemon. Even if it attacks the ball.

@Gengar1: Face swap with a pokemon :rofl:

imagine trainer CHARX on his usual grinding sessions and suddenly a legendary Pokemon pops up.Now I would like to have this encounter a little different from the usual catch screen.
It can resemble a battle screen with a timer of say 90 seconds where the trainer battles the legendary. This encounter alone can award an enormous amount of dust and xp depending on some factors. Now the interesting part is that just like the original games once fainted the pokemon flees so it is never meant for the trainer to catch the legendary mon, but he must try to beat the 90-second clock. His reward may depend on the quality of the counters he chooses and his ability to properly dodge charged moves as a whole the more time he stays in battle the better reward he gets.
Now, this random pop up of LUCKY ENCOUNTER can be made to happen by multiple means…
1.Reward for 25,49,64,81 day streaks
2.For walking milestone(for trainers with less than 3 poke stops)

@Mew1 :
3 words: online team PvP, winning team gets better items and more xp and stardust than the losing team. Losing team would still get those but in less quality and quantity.

For PvP, level is based on Pokémon’s CP, each level only allows certain CP range of Pokémon to battle. This might give some lower CP Pokémon time to shine.


I would like to see Gyms in Pokémon Go to be just like Gyms in the Cartoon. After you Earn your 8 Badges you should be able to participate in a Indigo Plateau type of Tournament. Tournaments should be daily and hourly just like Raids are. Tournaments should be held at different locations called Arenas. There should be some kind of Team Rocket Element to the game. Maybe as a 4th Team. Team Vs Team should be Competitive just like how Ingress is. One idea I had was after you defeat the Gym Leader 3 Times to Earn you a Badge. You could battle the Gym Leader a 4th time, However this time you just battle 1 Monster and the Monster is a Legendary. Once you defeat the Monster the Gym Leader gives you a Crystal that represents your Teams Element like a Fire Crystal for Team Valor. You then Place the Crystal onto a Crystal Holder and that gives Your Team a 1,000 Points. And if the Theme of The Gym was a Fire Theme then once you get the Fire Crystal that’s if you were Team Valor as an Example then Your Team would get 10,000 Points. Now if Team Mystic or Team Instinct wanted a 1,000 Points then what would they have to do. Well first they would have to defeat the Gym Leader 4 Times to Obtain the Water/Ice Crystal or the Electric Crystal. Then they would have to defeat up to 3 Team Valor’s Pokémon Gym Defenders. So for an Example if a Gym was Neutral and you wanted to give Team Valor a 1,000 Points. You first would have to defeat the Gym Leader 4 Times to get the Fire Crystal, BUT how would you attempt to Prevent Team Mystic and Team Instinct from getting a 1,000 Points Instead. Well then your Team would place up to 3 Pokémon Defenders that the other Teams would have to defeat as well in order for them to get the 1,000 Points Instead.

These are my opinions about legendary‘s. First they should get rid of Raids. I think that yes you should be able to encounter a legendary. And I don’t necessarily mean in the wild. I think you should be able to battle and yes even defeat a legendary. However, I don’t think you should be allowed to capture a Legendary. However, in exchange defeating the Legendary does allow you to have a Pokédex Entry instead. In the Cartoon Legendary’d s showed up when Team Rocket was causing Major Major Major Trouble and not your every day silliness. So, I think Pokémon Go should implement something like that in the game. Legendary’d should be allowed to battle in Gyms, but only one is allowed. Legendary’s are not however, allowed in Tournament Play.

Why Pokémon Go should adopt a Turn Based Battle System:

When I think of the future of Augmented Reality Games like Pokémon for instance. I think of following Ash Ketchum from Pallet Towns Journey from the beginning. So, wile I am walking I should be seeing life size holographic Pokémon acting and moving around like they do in the Cartoon. In the Cartoon while Ash Ketchum is battling the battling is both Live and Turn Based. The Pokémon are taking turns, but their not just standing there and saying to themselves ok I am just going to let Hydro Cannon hit me right in the face. They actually try to dodge the attacks. Now currently the Augmented Pokémon can’t act like the Pokémon in the Cartoon. Now if they want to attack you must tap the phone 10,000 times and if the Pokémon wants to dodge you must swipe the phone 5,000 times. That is why I suggest a Turn Based Battle System to add a lot more depth to Battling. At least until Augmented Reality Technology becomes more advanced and allows Pokémon to act like they do in the Cartoon.

Let’s have Blue PokéStops and Pink PokéStops. Blue PokéStops could give pokey balls and stuff like that and ultra balls. And Pink PokéStops you get potions and stuff like that. Because Player Versus Player is going to be coming out. That means People are going to be Battling like crazy. Pokémon are gonna be fainting like crazy. Your gonna be using potions like crazy. So, guess what that means we need a Pokémon Center. But, instead of Niantic making this huge building for the Pokémon Center and it requires a lot of art. I was thinking hey let’s just keep it simple and use what we have already. Let’s just use a PokéStop for Pokémon Centers instead. I was also thinking you would get at least 15 items for Spinning the Pink PokéStop. If Chansey was set as your Buddy then that would get you 30 items. And if Blissey is your Buddy then you would get 45 items.

Here’s my idea: So if you’ve ever played the OG games, there is a physical/special move split (so for example pound is a physical move and bubble beam is a special move) Basically if the Pokémon touches the other Pokémon it’s considered a physical attack and if it doesn’t it’s a special attack. Now how could this be implemented into Pokémon go? One way is so Pokemon deal more damage either with special or physical attacks and they take less damage from one and the other they take more damage. Also, it would give moves more variety.

Mega Stones given through quests
Remember Shuffle? It didnt have held items but it did have mega slots
My idea is that just like mythical quests, you would have 3 mega stone quests going around per month
All of them would have 5 levels and would be tied to the Pokemon (catch 10 Pidgey for Pidgeotite)
If you get to level 2, the individual quest line will stay in your list, otherwise the progress gets lost at the end of the month when you get a new set of 3
You would be able to only asign one mega stone per Pokemon (unless you get another when it returns) and during the battle, you can only mega evolve one Pokemon
Standard 4000CP nerf applies, Primal Orbs are given out during Kyogre/Groudon raids (but feature a similar quest line), Rayquaza gets DA during its return/Rayquaza day, you can TM it during the time period

Jormdeworm : Allow one legendary per gym.


Please do not post in this yet, this is the first day working on it and I still have about 8 other people to post!


I was like “where am I?” until I saw your comment.


Plenty of wonderful ideas, but those 2 wouldnt work imo.
Firstly because majority already complaining for last couple years that catching takes too much time and battling wild pokemon would extend catching time even to greater lenght.
Secondly those two berries doesnt make sense because:

  1. Takes space in bag;
  2. Stardust Berry for every pokemon is too much, too time consuming and not efficient enough plus it might decrease catch rate.
  3. Guaranteed catch berry would devalue golden razz completely.
    (Just my thoughts).

stardust berry is a very good and wanted idea.
They are not to be used for pidgey but for pidgeots of course.
ALso bag space is not a valid excuse to not implement these. Item management is a big part of the game.

He didn’t say garanteed catch. He said garanteed not fleeing. That is a big difference

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Sorry, my bad, recently woke up, misread it about fleeing, it still hits the time consumption wall, when it comes to grinding you want more dust in lesser amount of time, Id rather they just extend starpiece to an hour instead. Obviously all I say is based purely on my own experience and playing style, but when I catch pokemon I use pinaps for those I need candies, GR for shinies, cp666 or new dex entries. Every other berry I chuck in gyms unless I need few nanabs to complete research task. So my point is to use as less berries as possible when catching. And I would imagine both of those berries would have lower catch rate (same or similar to nanab).

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I trash all my red balls so I just use great or ultra balls.

That’s all the edits for today! It will be finished next monday or tuesday :wink:.

Mememon go:

When you make a nice throw, you hear “Noice”

Meme related avatars

When a pokemon runs away, phil swift says " That’s a lot of damage!"

When you catch a pokemon, you hear “Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!”

encounter music would be “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” on a loop

Instead of “shiny”, there is “thicc”

Normal map music will be “Despacito”

when your bag is full you will hear a roblox “OOF!”
Some Pokemon will be replaced with memes.

examples: All the spongebob memes, lots more

when you catch a ditto, instead of normal tansformation music, you get the Windows XP noise.

hope it’s funny!



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@Pokemon You forgot 5 other Paragraphs I also wrote. Since it won’t allow me to edit. May I send my other 5 Paragraphs via a Reply. Then that would allow you to Edit and put my other 5 Paragraphs in their proper place.


I am not done yet.

@Gary_oak Was the first to talk about Legendary’s and what we are allowed to do with them when we encounter them. @Gary_oak These are my opinions about legendary‘s. First they should get rid of Raids. I think that yes you should be able to encounter a legendary. And I don’t necessarily mean in the wild. I think you should be able to battle and yes even defeat a legendary. However, I don’t think you should be allowed to capture a Legendary. However, in exchange defeating the Legendary does allow you to have a Pokédex Entry instead. In the Cartoon Legendary’d s showed up when Team Rocket was causing Major Major Major Trouble and not your every day silliness. So, I think Pokémon Go should implement something like that in the game. Legendary’d should be allowed to battle in Gyms, but only one is allowed. Legendary’s are not however, allowed in Tournament Play.

How would a 4th Team Team Rocket work:

Players on Team Rocket could participate in Team VS Team Competition in a different way.

Fist the player would have to do 10 Quests in 50 minuets. If they do the quests on time then that gives them a Module That has a Picture of Robot on the Module. Then they can place the Module on the Gym. The Module activates a Timer of a Robot Beacon. If you want to stop the Timer you would have to do a Quest. After the Quest you get a Module with a Photo of Officer Jenny from the Cartoon on the Module. If you place the Module before the Timer runs out that Stops Team Rocket from taking the Crystal and Etc… However, If the Timer reaches 0 Minuets then all the Pokémon in the Gym are Disabled. The Crystal is taken and the Team that had the 3 Gym Defenders looses up to 20,000 Points. The Player for Team Rocket then goes to a New Location called Team Rocket Headquarters with a Letter R Beacon above it. The Headquarters is literally the closest PokéStope closest to the Gym. They then place the Crystal in their Crystal Holder and that gives them the Points instead. To get the Crystal back you must do 1 Quest in less than 5 Minuets. If you complete the Quest on Time then that gives you a Module with a Photo of a Flute on it. You then go to the Team Rockets Headquarters. You then place the Flute Module onto the Headquarters then that Summons a Random Legendary Pokémon. You then engage in Battle against the Robot. After you defeat the Robot you earn back the Crystal. You then go back to the Gym put the Crystal back into the Crystal Holder and that Resets the Gym back to normal and you get your Points back and Etc…

Added first one Law2010 but they are kind of long and the collaboration is getting HUGE

Not sure what you mean? @Pokemon

You edited one of my Paragraphs or Articles which is fine, however I also wanted to give credit to were credit is do. That’s why I wrote this: —————). :point_right::point_right::point_right::point_right::point_right::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

@5GodLink Is one of many. Or at the very least a few way before me. Who not only wanted Pokémon Centers, but also talked or wrote about there ideas of how to implement Pokémon Centers in the Game Pokémon Go. @5GodLink this is my idea or ideas for how to implement Pokémon Centers into the Game of Pokémon Go. So, my idea is this.

This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: Should be Added to the Beginning of what you Edited. The Article about Pink and Blue Pokédstops.

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