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Cloning Legendary Monsters

Message @Thorend of course.

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what? ??

Replying to me? Ask @5GodLink. He even has a topic called " Ask 5God" where you can ask him something.

Like we said…
It’s too late to undo clones…

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I don’t get what I did wrong??? @5GodLink and @Pokemon

I never said you did anything wrong. Miscommunication.

It is to late, unless Niantic makes it so all your legendaries get deleted (for a specie) unless you keep just one.

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You did nothing wrong :wink:.

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Me not sure what this meant???


Your first post @Law2010 was this, no issue with it but might be the rationale behind @5GodLink’s post. Again, no issue.

i was saying how, i came here actually having a Great discussion. Some trainers who wont be named don’t know how to give “ideas” or add to discussion positively.

I did just that, now look. @Gary_oak idea is flourishing even beyond what it was meant to be. This is the point of the forum to “grow”

You did nothing wrong, i was speaking on myself. I didnt come here saying “wym no cloning there aint clones here blahblahblah negativity” dont really wanna explain this further. This topic is good in my eyes.

No one did anything wrong/bad/negative.

:clinking_glasses: cheers

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ChampagnePapi. See what i did there.:crazy_face:

I know :wink:. Stay on topic or @Thorend will use his mighty Thor hammer and clse this.

See… man
We re cool…
It’s just a misinterpretation!!..


I agree :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face: This conversation with you all was very good and cool :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: @Gary_oak @5GodLink @Pokemon

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Lets continue.

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Continuing from here:


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