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Christmas Event Gen 4 Spawns?

Damm the 10km eggs: 4 hatched in this morning 11km walk:
3 trapinch and 1 feebas. :tired_face:
The 2 7km eggs gave: Alolan Meowth and Cleffa.
Damm… wasted the 1 time incubators on nothing.
On all the walk, stopped, for 30 minutes, on a pokestop placing a lure, only Snorut, Delibird and Jynx showed up… Gulpin (3), Skitty (2) and Vulpix (1).
Nothing new or good to get.

Last 3 10km eggs were all Feebas😞

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Up to 73 Snover now, nothing else has even popped up on my radar as far as Gen 4 goes.

54 7K eggs hatched, no Riolu, Mantyke, Munchlax, or Chingling. Gotta be honest, I’m about to give up on the 7K eggs. I was pretty annoyed that we’re forced to hatch them to get certain Pokemon for this event, especially with what else is in that egg pool. I REALLY hope those Gen 4 Pokemon don’t stay in the 7K eggs once this event ends. :confused:

Seen 24 Snover, caught 21. Evolved 3 in Abomasnow.
Seen 2 Skorupi but only caught one.
Seen 1 Croagunk and caught one.
Hatched about 20 7k eggs, several were Togepi. A few Cleffa and Iggly’s but the rest were Alolan’s.
Disappointed with this event (in terms of gen4) so far.

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Same, just a million Snover.

Oh and one skorupi!

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Jumped out of the car and sprinted half a mile just to catch this just now


:astonished: Well done sir.
You must run fast :grin:.


Thanks! I used to run fast, I’m out of shape tbh :sweat_smile::joy::joy: LoL.


98% of my catches are snover


Only snover and groagunk for me

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Still only Snover for me. Also from 7km Eggs I hatched like 6 Cleffa, 3 Igglybuff, a Pichu with Santa Hat and an Azurill. No Gen 4.

Update: just hatched a munchlax, so slowly finding the new gen 4 releases


Snover is the most common one I have seen

Caught a wild level 32 Skorupi today


I got a Skorupi today


Hours of Go Plus Catches and 2 1/2hrs siting on 3 Stops Lured up last night and not 1 of the new realeases to be seen still.

Aside from Snover, I have caught both Skorupi and Croagunk at least four times, and Bronzor only once. No sign of Finneon.

I’m not including Snover in that new lot as they are everywhere while the others can’t be found any where where I happen to be.