Christmas Event Gen 4 Spawns?

Is anyone else having the same bad luck with spawns during this event? Snover, Croagunk, Finneon, Skorupi, and Bronzor were added to the wild a few days ago and while I didn’t expect it to rain all these Pokemon, the spawn rate for me has been pretty ridiculous.

It looks like this:

Snover: 63
Croagunk: 0
Finneon: 0
Skorupi: 0
Bronzor: 0

That’s such a massive discrepancy. I know they are out there because I’ve seen pics, etc online and I have friends on my friend list who have caught them as well. I’ve been all over the greater San Diego area and spent hours walking around hunting them … and … nothing. Not one, aside from an army of Snover.

The fun part of the game for me is the thrill of new stuff to go out and look for and between this and some awful 7K egg luck (45 hatched, not a single Riolu, Mantyke, Chingling, or Munchlax … TEN Wynaut though! lol), it’s been a pretty disappointing event so far. Hopefully my luck changes soon, but …

… is anyone else experiencing this?


Also: I was REALLY hoping to use the extra candy to help evolve Croagunk, etc … obviously not gonna happen now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same effect here, but at least the first day I got a Bronzor, but nothing else…

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Only snover and lumineon here

Oh and hatched a Mantyke too


Snover and a croagunk


3 snover 1 croagunk

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Snover are here a quite lot, have caught 15 with Pinap, so I have as well the Abomasnow

Feel like 10km eggs have become more rare, only 1 Riolu.

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I saw a Bronzor in Nearby a few days ago when I was going to a raid. I didn’t catch the Bronzor, sadly.

7 Snover and 1 Skorupi.
Didn´t saw any more of the new ones… only that Skorupi.

Saw croagunk nearby once.
Only caught snover

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Plenty of Snover, Snorunt, Swinub, Pikachu with Santa hat, Jynx, Delibird, Sneasel but only 1 Skorupi and 1 Croagunk. And Croagunk I found 2 hours ago.


So it’s not just me. lol

That’s a pretty poor spawn rate, to be honest. As far as Gen 4 goes, they should ratchet down the Snovers and increase the others a little. It’s crazy to me that I am now at over SEVENTY Snovers and haven’t even seen anything else.


Snova is the only one I’ve caught.
It’s catch rate on the Go Plus is not great.
Seen 40 caught 25 and over half those catches have been caught the normal finger swipe style.
Apart from in Gyms I have not seen any of the others.


I found croagunk and a bronzor nearby but didn’t caught it sadly I caught a skorupi

And also caught 8 snover and seen 10 snover

Caught many Snover and only one Croagunk, saw Bronzor once but not able to catch it.

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My whole community has only see snovers but I hatched a Skorupi in the only 10k egg I’ve gotten so far all other egg hatched have been widely disappointing none of the new stuff in 7k none in the wild

I haven’t caught any of new ones except Snover. And I’ve already evolved 2 Abomasnows.

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I have one Abomasnow but enough Candy for another three.

I’m at 43 candy towards 3rd one