Brandon Tan account Suspension

He finnally got banned.the reason is because he was using other accounts from people te level them up,multi accounting and cheating.



No idea.

Wait his a Singaporean @Pokemon told me so

This what @pokemon wrote about Brandon Tan
World’s best Pokemon go player 400 million total xp

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Didn’t know his hacker

He is in Sinapore, yes.

multi accounting isnt against the tos…he was being paid to do it as well which still isnt against tos. Are you sure of your information?

Its not only about multi accounting

He is not perma banned

Yeah multi accounting is actually against TOS.

Im pretty sure the reason he got banned is because he tried to make money off the game by ‚Äúselling‚ÄĚ Mewtwos via raiding on other peoples accounts. Niantic (and lots of developers) dont really like that alot. And he wasnt really discrete about it either so yeah‚Ķ His own fault.

Lmao what ToS did you read

600 million now and he does 500 legendary raids a week which means about 13 million xp a week total.

From his Twitter page but this was mid-August so I think I read somewhere he was nearer to 700m XP and had just hit 80m stardust… :flushed:

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90 days later, he still number 1 trainer in the world.



He catches 7000 mons a week with lucky egg, has nearly 100 k evolves, and does near 500 raids a week.

All with lucky egg.

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Wow, that Brandon Tan is greedier than Team Rocket! :exploding_head:


Well he is running low on money :joy:


More than likely the reason why he got suspended. Niantic must have seen this.

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