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Boosts and Nerfs

Lapras usrd to be op then it got nerfed big time.

Necrozma doesnt have 600
(not the form I like)

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You like ultra necrozma or normal.

Design-wise I do like all of them, but I like Ultra the most

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Exactly should be put back

Uh huh then it will be great. It was so good it had the best stats.

I dont really understand that tho, his stats suck in the games

But was nerfed in Go…

No all it needs is more attack High HP and high attack makes a awesome Defender

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It’s an awesome defender. I’m level 34 and good for my level and it’s still hard to beat, usually takes out one of my Pokemon :sweat_smile:


If you can have a little bit of a defense boost that would be cool

Definitely more attack buff for Umbreon, matching the tradition of eeveelution, I don’t mean for it to match with ttar, but at least surpass houdoom and become 2nd dark type in the game. Right now I don’t know if it is better or worse than Shifty on offense

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Well shrifty isn’t that bad soooo who knows?

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Still don’t got one of those

Umbreon makes me sad, so cool looking but so weak.


I feel the pain here, not to mention it’s shiny looks sick


best eevee shiny imo, 2nd only to Eevee it self.

I know what you mean I think it should be a lil bit better because of what it takes to get it and Espeon

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I don’t know about shiftry I don’t use it to attack

I used to with the one I have with a good moveset.

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