Boosts and Nerfs

Name some pokemon who deserve a boost or nerf in Go. Or even need to be put back the way they were intended in the game. Which moves were taken out that were to OP(overpowered) or should be brought into Go.

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Lapras Blastoise Miloctic






What do you want from those pokemon, your just saying names.

Blissey nerf

But she already doesn’t have a good attack. She is just a good defender.

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But she beats good Pokemon go players. Its a little bit to bulky.

More attack for Blissey

They are to weak attack wise.

I want Blissey with a 22% attack increase

And 30 % hp nerf.

Guys, that represents Blissey well, they should keep it IMO
I think that Speed should be implemented so that the attack and defense stats could now solely depend on the actual attacks and defenses
That would make a Gengar not almost as powerful as Dragonite, for example

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Yes and pidgey will be amazing (not simply amazing for those valor players out there)

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I’d like for the stats to better mirror the main games. Like mew, tyran, dragonite, salamence, metagross, celebi all having same max cp.


Hey, Im glad my boy Garchomp has the highest CP of all 600 Mons

What if we just implement a physical/special split. It would fix alrge amount of gym battling.

Definitely, we got some weak pokemon due to heavy nerfs.

What about your boy Necrozma?