Anyone else with disconnects or unable to connect to PTC on community day?

My day started out okay, but then game crashed and I wasn’t able to login after many attempts.

This hasn’t happened before, wasn’t able to login after the event was over. So I spent almost two hours attempting to logon. Tried everything, removing the game and everything else(Android developer).

I also bought four community day packages that were of no use. I never found an Larvitar at all, been playing since the start. Was actually mentioned at the BBC website, but Nitantic stated that the issues were solved.

I’m not sorry for the money, since it’s not lost, but I’m sorry for all the time spent traveling to the park(live in an rural area) and Niantic not taking responsibility. Other had major issues with disconnects, no matter what phone, but mainly PTC was the large issue.

It’s just sad and frustrating. People over whole Europe had issues.^

EDIT: Managed to catch three the first half hour… That’s all.

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Yeah I heard more problems in Europe.

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It was game-breaking, impossible to play at all. Half an hour, I mean come on… Love your avatar :slight_smile:

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I always need to re-log in.Im in europe


I had no problems, but two weeks ago I have linked my PTC account to Facebook. Since then the problems with login have finished. (Living in Spain)

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Genuinely the split second the event started in Europe me and everyone playing with me all got kicked out simultaneously. There were continuing lag issues throughout the day, but it got more stable towards the end

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I hadn’t no problems as did no one in my group, alll in UK signed in with ptc but had linked to google and we had a brilliant day larvitar everywhere 7 shiny and my first kyogre and then a shiny kyogre

Right when Community Day started it took me three attempts to log in and even when I did it was very slow

Cant you start using the Google Log-in if you have problems with PTC?

I was playing quite happily waiting for community day to start. As soon as it hit 10am I was kicked out and couldn’t get back in. I was using a mixture of PTC and Facebook. This happened quite a bit through the day. I even missed out on my first shiny magikarp. As soon as community day ended all the issues seemed to disappear and the game worked as normal.

Yes when it comes up with sign in and completely freezes click sign out and sign in with google

Here in North America was amazing! Had about 2 minutes of downtime

Is it the same for every timezone? We got 2hours extension here in Japan (12:00-17:00) due to “network error” issue. The same situation during Dratiny and Mareep CD.

We here in Europe had the same problems (not sure if as severe as is Asia, but still barely playable). I have a Google account, and had just the same problems as the others with their PTC accounts…
We didn’t get an extension…:rage:

No connection issues…no shinies :frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️

We should have. It was totally game-breaking.

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Does not help saying: “Oh, well, I had my account liked to Google, Facebook.”. It won’t help us now. :angry: :frowning:

The servers seemed to have had problems on the Larvitar Community Day for those using PTC. I strongly suggest anyone using PTC links their account to Google or Facebook to stop such problems from occuring in future.

I hope they do a rerun.

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I had PTC issues but got back in each time eventually.

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