Am I The Luckiest Player?

This topic might be a bit vague and I just wanted to assure you of some things: I live in a small town in England. I have spoofed once as the result of a leg injury in January. My area is horrible for the game, but is an Unown magnet. If you know anyone else that has achieved the gold medal, please let me know. I got my first Unown (G) on the 24th February, and my final Unown ® a few hours ago


If you have completed it after the injury without spoofing, than Congrats. Here in my area I haven’t even seen an Unown on the Radar, not talking about the posibility to catch one. So, no Bronce, no Silver, no Gold Medal.

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Thanks for the thank you! I stopped spoofing on January 30th. It’s a little sad that I remember the day I stopped, but I do nonetheless. Keep your hopes up though, you’ll see one eventually.


When you’re getting multiple Unowns do you always get a new one? I’m assuming yes, because the challenge is already quite extreme. Imagine only missing the last one and when there finally is another Unown somewhere, 25 times out of 26 it’s a letter you already have. My theory is there’s a system that looks at your Unown collection and spawns a missing one every time, for the sake of keeping it at least a little bit reasonable.

I wish it worked like that, but it doesn’t. You can get multiple of the same pattern. Out of my first 3 Unown’s two were letter G. It took roughly 5 weeks to hunt down the final letter. I found, that up until the last 3 letters it was ‘easy’ to get new ones. It is a lot of work for something you get no real reward for doing. It just looks so nice to see in your Pokedex. It took 31 Unown’s with 1 runaway to complete the Alphabet. By Unown standards I am quite lucky.

As a collector I will never give up trying, but just by probability this Unowns will be the last one’s I will get.

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Congrats @JoshHack! :+1:Lucky you live in a area where they spawn. I haven’t got one and don’t know anyone who has one either. Guess I have to be patient, very patient.

I caught a Snorlax in the wild today, thanks to someone else who saw it spawning at work. So I went there and caught it. So that made my day :slight_smile:

In reality, you aren’t missing out on anything except a chance to fill one more pokedex slot. They (like FarFecth’d, Mr Mime and some others) are merely trophy Mons. I do hope you get one though!

Thanks! It’s cliche, but just wait. You’ll see one eventually. Keeps those hopes up!

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Might one enquire which little town in the uk, it might be worth a visit? And yes you are the luckest player congrats

Cannot give away any exact locations, of course but it’s in the South-East of England.

Heh, so basically Unown has been “regional” all along… explains why the rest of the world barely gets any. If I can remember anything from playing Pokemon Gold, all the Unown in the game were confined to this one mystery location. Now we’re closer to pinpointing this mystery location in the real world… I think it’s Stonehenge?

I don’t know about Stonehenge, but your point is relatively accurate. Where there is one Unown, there tends to be another soon after in a similar area. They are quite unique in this respect, as they don’t nest but are ‘easy’ enough to locate in a given town/city.

Hahaha, in Spain we would call you a Bandarra o Bandido… I understand why you don’t want to say where you live, it’s a natural protection which everybody in Internet has to practice, but it’s very nasty for me… jejeje.
Enjoy your luck to be there, and everybody else has to dream to find a place similar.

Yesterday an Unown spawned quite near where I live. Someone saw it spawning on a scanner and the Pokémon locals all freaked out. Weird enough it spawned in a place you hardly could reach. People had to climb a fence for example. But they did and caught it. hopefully they will spawn more in that area soon. Unfortunaltely I could not be there in time.

Just think about it this way:
I may get some Unown. They are cool, but don’t do much.
When legendaries come out at GoFest and everywhere else, I am more likely to lose than you.
That’s something I guess.

I understand, but you have not seen my situation, I’m at a beach without stops, without pokemon, and without Gyms…

Ah, ok. I am in a relatively similar situation but I have some stops and gyms. Feel bad for you for not even having that much.

It’s just my holidays, in september I will be back in the city of Valencia, then I will catch again what I like… it’s just a temporally brake

Well, enjoy your break while it lasts.