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Am I The Luckiest Player?

If you spoofed for them it’s not at all impressive

If you used a tracker, it’s a little impressive

If you got them all legit, you might be the single luckiest player in pogo


Don’t be too harsh, we know he has started as a Spoofer, but today he is a normal player, and this way I would like to talk with him.
Let him talk in peace with us. Everybody has the right to change…

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I have used multiple trackers, but you really need to in order to find even one Unown, let alone 26 of them.

Thanks bagguille. Everyone, even people like FsuAtl can change and will change eventually.

I’m quite shure of this, have fun…

Go Fest has just angered me. After all of my hard work, Unown is spawning in Chicago like weedles and it defeats the purpose of the Unown, to be a trophy pokemon. Something you value and appreciate for being rare.

Sorry about your leg injury and I hope you had a full recovery, but a spoofed account for no matter how long is still tainted. I’m sure you visited many gyms and enjoyed kicking legit players out of them during that time. Congrats and enjoy your trophies. If you feel they are truely earned then I guess they are. :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2::v:t2:

As someone who is against spoofing in gyms, I did not do that. However, I did use my time while injured to complete the Gen 1 Pokedex. The medals in this case are earned as Gen 2 wasn’t even out while I did spoof. Tainted account? I wouldn’t go that far. Some of the pokemon obtained in that time may not have been deserved, I’ll admit that. The Unown, are deserved though. I did make a full recovery, thanks for that.

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Same thing with Heracross being made available there. I think it kind of ruins the integrity of regionals

IKR, even though the event was a flop catching 20 Unown in 2 days is madness.

Map hacks/ trackers and hard work dont go hand in hand. And no you are not lucky: only a dedicated cheater.

Well, after the sheer amount of time spent hunting for them I consider it to be more luck than cheating. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Any chance to let @JoshHack live in peace?
He has told what he has done… He has told that he has stopped to do it…
He still has Maps to see whats going on…
I’m a little bit tired, we are no judges. If Niantic appears and stops his account, ok, but we
don’t have to do it.

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Thanks @bagguille. I do appreciate people sharing their own opinion, but demonising someone because of what they did (in this case using a tracker and spoofing in the past) isn’t ok. Finally, Niantic hasn’t terminated my account. That’s something.

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I agree that we can let this go. I’m closing this thread and we can more on to more productive topics.

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