Age Cap 4 Trading

So…What do you think about the 13 and over age cap? Personally, WHAT THE HECK NIANTIC NOW NO ONE CAN TRADE WHO"S LITTLE!!! C’MON NIANTIC!!! Someone please report the age cap.

I think that is for anyone who logs in through Trainer’s Club. My son is 10 and he logs in through his gmail account.

Yeah, That’s what I meant. Oops

Something about the European law. People under 13 technically can’t use multimedia and bigger forums like Facebook and can not use social features. The PTC accounts have a birth date registered, and those can be under 18. If you are under 16 you need your parents’ permission, and they’ll have to make a parent account to make an account for you. About google, you must be at least 18 to have a google account.

Niantic can’t let people under 13 trade because otherwise they’ll get a huge fine from the European Union


You cant even chat with your friends…
You need to be 12 for this forums, but 13 for trading?!?


My friend can get in to trading with trainer club. My suggestion is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Then just put your birthday as something over thirteen years ago. Hopefully that works.

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Will it be possible to create a Google account (and lie about the age), and use that one for login instead of PTC, or would that reset the account?

It would make a new account.

But what if you first link the Google account when logged in to the PTC account. Then logout PTC and login via Google. Wouldn’t that use the old account, but now with the Google login.

It would use the age of the original ptc account.

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I did report it over 10 times.I was really mad on Niantic.I already thought that they are going to do PvP with friends

If your unlucky enough to have a age cap PTC account it’s not just trading you cant be involved in.
Many of the new features being released in the game are being affected. So far the things you can’t be involved in include:
You can’t have Friends so no extra XP and Bonus balls at raids. Not sure if there are other rewards I’ve left out?
You can’t get 7k eggs so cant have any of the Pokemon that only come from them.
You can’t Trade and because of that you can’t get Lucky Pokemon.

Who knows what else is coming that’s linked to the above that players will be excluded from.
Way to go Niantic, real smart … NOT

No, that wont get around it.

Lol they think your a spammer

They cant change my age

Not their fault

The EU is full of people that make stupid laws… They force honest kids to lie. What are those people thinking, that a law prevents kids from making social media accounts…? the people how approve this are also approving laws like the one that curved cucumber can’t be sold and must be distroit. (It is now legal again but you get the point)

No you dont many arent 12

Oh and because of that “fantastic” law, this is in the TOS of this forum: “The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old.”

So if you are 12, I advice you to be 13… Am I digging a hole for my self? :thinking: :man_facepalming:

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Many arent, not naming anyone