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Age Cap 4 Trading

I do think that whilst there are substantial negatives to the law, there are positives (in terms of privacy at least)

Ok i get why kids cant make social media accountd
But this isnt social media

If people are so bothered and want their kids to have all the features, can’t you just lie about your kids age… so don’t get the fuss when this is an easy fix.


It makes sense to an extent.

The idea might be Noble but it’s just a paper tiger.
It frustrates more than it prevent kids from making social media.

Well the age cap might go away.

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Thanks everyone. Even though it has been nearly 3 months since trading, I still can’t trade :frowning: I will just have to wait until March I guess.

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@JimDaRaider this should help:


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Yeah! I can trade soon! When does this come out?

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Very soon.

You know he just came back after 2 months, right? :grin: :tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:

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ugh niantic stinks the niantic kids program is only for new accounts

My son has got a Google mail account to log in which my boyfriend set up and he put his birthday in not my sons, I’m so glad he did that because he’s 6, on level 32 and adores Pokémon Go - if he couldn’t trade then he wouldn’t be able to get Celebi for another 7 years which is ridiculous!

Having an age restricted account does not prevent you from getting Celebi. All the quests associated with the new features are auto completed when you get to them.
It’s actually easier to get Celebi on an age restricted account.

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Ah right, fair enough then. I still think it’s daft that kids can’t trade though. If there were a chat feature then I can understand but the restrictions are a bit OTT in my opinion and I’m really strict in what he can and can’t do online.

Well when you are 13 I will friend you.


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Your welcome.

Do you like the UB?

No kinda dumb

Especially the 7km thing!! I dont have kangaskhan or Mr. Mime!