Advice and questions about Gyms

Hello from Peru! (Sorry for my ugly English grammar)
I’m an active gym player since the game start and I would like to share some experiences and advices about gym battles, also I would like to ask some questions.

  1. Know your playground.
    I live in Lima -the capital city of Peru- this city is enourmus it has 49 districts, however the mayor concentration of pokestops and gyms are in the center in about 11 districts, I live in one of them: “Pueblo Libre”. There is not a geographic separation between the districts, so my mayor area of play it’s in around 3 districts (San Miguel, Pueblo Libre and Jesus María), I also like to go to Miraflores or La Punta but it’s mostly for grinding.
    So, taking about Pokemon in Pueblo Libre, we had 18 gyms, and I can see 5 of them from my house. There are some interesting spawn places, but nothing wonderful. We also have a very active community of the three teams.
    This is something I like to talk about it, because of the activity of the district, we are forced to be organized. Sometimes you can take a gym by yourself, but it won’t last long if you are the only defender, sooner, the others faction will attack you with -at least- 3 high level players. So, you have to go with anothers high level players, and try to control as many of gyms as you can, because you know than that gym will be attacked.
  2. Managemen your resources
    I really love to fight at gyms, because of that, sometimes I use a lot of potions and resurrect, because of that I have to be smart about the Pokemon I will use to attack.
    Other resource is the Pokemon itselfs, if you don’t have enough potions to heal your Machamp, get more machamps! Or heracross! Know your team and get more options.
    Remember than the resources will show you what type of game you must do:
    Got few pokeball? Go fight at gyms! Got few resurrections? Go farm Pokemons! Got no items at all? Take you bike/car/skateboard/ and roll from 1 pokestops to another.
  3. Make a beautiful gym
    So you have an all mighty powerful tyranitar of 3670 cp? Well, let me tell you that it sux. It’s a terrible Pokemon for defence of gyms, the machamps will beat him so easy, I mean, really really easy… no dude, for real, it will be fast, how fast? Like 9 seconds fast, trust me dude, save that tyranitar for attack, not defence.
    Read guides about gym defence, and configuration, start.with a blissey it’s always recommend, if you don’t have 1, talk with your teammates. I only have 2 good ones and I control 6 gyms at the the same time time, because we like to do it in group, so, when I run out of blisseys, other guy put hers in front.
    This is the advantage about play in group: You can make nice gyms.
    Personally, I like this configuration:
    Blissey – Gardevoir – Snorlax – Dragonite – Chansey – exeggutor
    That it’s headache to any solo player, mass machamps won’t work so he will be forced to change his fight type to hit the Gardevoir or Dragonite and will give us extra seconds to heal.
    Well, now I will like to ask:
    What’s your favorite gym composition?
    (Sorry for the long post)

I like Dragonite. Also slaking, and blissey is a good defender. Cool Post! @LicorPanda

Slaking, Blissey, Snorlax, and Aggron are the order I put in gyms I want to keep.


@LicorPanda I like your gym composition, force trainers to switch out their fighting types or cannot just use pre-set fighting type party to battle.
Also I agree with you that ttar is bad on defending gyms, even at full motivation high level, just prepare for its charge move and dodge timely

I strive for the order blissey, psychic-metagross, slaking, vaporeon, snorlax and then a chansey


Oof I never ever use Chaney. I doubt I even have one :sweat_smile:

Geniunely I think you do have the perfect gym line up for an area like yours where claiming 50 coins a day could be a challenge. My town doesn’t have 6 players of each team (or any mystic players at all) so keeping gyms is easy. The challenge here is getting gyms taken down, not keeping them up. For that reason I like to spam the first stage evolutions of Pokemon with good candies, like dratini and larvitar, so I can use berries on them for candies.

I faced a gym similar to this one, but with Blissey, Exeggutor, Chansey, Vaporeon, Slaking and Metagross

Thats a hard gym. Usually ones I face have a easy to beat Pokemon like shiny pikachu.

as long as passing the full motivation round, and no one feeds grb, it’s ok

Ya my groudon could gym sweep with my dragonites.

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Thats something that never happend here, just for those who battle in gyms at night (like me).
In a battle to control a gym before a MewtwoRaid, the red team use more than 500 golden berry, ok neverending losses motivation.
I work at the Lima Airport and it has 3 gyms and this is how they look now:

Did you try a different approach when battling against such type of grb team?

Instead of going thru mon after mon in one round, you battle one and quit and battle THAT one 2 more times until it’s fainted, and then you move on to the next one, hope the other trainers will not receive low motivation notification on their mons if you don’t battle them.

That’s the way I do it, one fast round, and then 1 by 1, and when someone it’s defeat, I hit the next one, however, people are protective, and keeps they heal up.

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I did that to someone and I was fast enough to do it before they realized they had to golden razz it.

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This is sooo annoying: I enter a registeel raid, it immediately fill up with 20 trainers. 120 seconds later, it says go!, 10 seconds later I’m kicked out of the raid completely. And I had to buy a raid pass which took me soooo long to save up for.

The battle started already, why being kicked out?

Jump right in

Don’t worry, it all worked out. But when we beat the registeel it took a minute for the registeel to actually process that I defeated him and die.

Bad connection.