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Advice and questions about Gyms

Raid pass wasted.

No, I caught it with one minute left. My hundred coins were worth it :grin:

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I was taking down a gym this morning and I was down to the last 3. A Snorlax, a Chansey, and a Tauros. All of a sudden, somebody started gold rasberring it. So I thought to myself, “let’s see how bad they want to keep this gym.” Fought it for like 25 minutes until they either gave up, or couldn’t feed any more berries. We probably went for at least 4 rounds against those 3 monsters. When I finally won the gym, I left a wild 800 CP Butterfree I caught the other day. It actually stayed in a few hours so I got some coins out of it. Hope the 12-15 gold Rasberries the other person spent was worth it!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You work more closer on making that gym gold.

By the way, when we are attacking the gym, can the opponent gym member leave Pokémon there if there is open slot? It happened to me that while I was attacking, someone dropped a 2800+ Rhydon.

But when I see the gym is under attack from other teams. it does not allow me to add my mon to the gym.

You can’t add monsters to a gym that is currently under attack. You can feed berries to the other monsters that are already there however. If the attacker gives up and leaves because you keep feeding berries, then you can add your own Pokemon.

Yes, you can leave a Pokemon, but just 10 minutes later after the first defender die. It doesn’t matter of the gym keeps under attack.

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Haha, you onee the fight :rofl:

No, its not possible.

I had enough time before work and enough Max Potions, I wanted to see how far it would go. I’m very happy with each new Star Wars movie so far.

??? I like Star Wars also but I wasnt alking about that :sweat_smile:

As I was fighting them for 20 minutes as they kept putting in gold Rasberries, I pictured them as those uptight Star Wars nerds that hated Last Jedi. If you guys are one of those nerds and just now reading this, just know that you are still a nerd.

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It happened to me while I was attacking the gym and someone stopped by and dropped the 2800+ Rhydon. Well, my champ wrecked thru him anyway.

I had that too. Probably a bug…

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Whenever I try to add Pokemon to a gym under attack, the game won’t let me. It just tells me, “This gym is under attack. Try again later.”


Yes you can, but only 10 minutes latter after one defender dies.

Very rarely does a gym last 10 minutes unless someone is constantly gold rasberring it. Ran into that yesterday when attacking a gym and outlasted them.

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You have to be insanely good to beat someone in a golden razz fight. If there is 10 for 30 minutes, you would have to win 21 times in 30 minutes :grin:

I did. They were defending a gym with just Chansey, Snorlax, and Tauros. So I only used 1 Aggron each sweep, so they had to use 3 Gold Rasberries for every two times I swept through. I either killed their berry allotment, passed their berry limit, or they gave up. Regardless, I still took the gym and left a weak Butterfree to guard it.

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Awesome thats a cool Aggron :grin: