About CP and appraisal(I'm Rookie)

Hi everyone.I have played the game for two days and i can not decide to train low cp pokemons or high ones.I feel like low cp pokemons have more potential.It’s just my thought.What do you say?
Yes that appraisal thing.I have joined Team Valor and wanted to check pokemons with this appraisal feature.I asked the team leader about my pokemon and she first said ‘‘Overall, your [Pokémon] may not be great in battle, but I still like it!’’ then ‘‘I’m blown away by its stats. WOW!’’.So is my pokemon good enough to keep it or bad.Because i’m confused.She says two opposite things.That’s it for now thanks.

To check what it means just check out this page: https://pokemongohub.net/pokemon-go-appraisal-chart/#1472115098745-a365ff8d-2254

This will give a good explanation about what the appraisal you saw means.

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Level 39 Valor in Oz here - the ones you want to concentrate on are those that she says “simply amaze” her (the IVs will be over 80%). She’ll read out the pokemon’s highest stat first (HP, Attack or defense or a combination of two or all three). If she says she is blown away then the stat will be 15 (highest you can get), for any that are excellent it will be 13-14 (anything below this is not as good).
If she says that HP is the strongest feature & she is equally impressed by both Attack & defense, and is blown away by the stats, this will be a perfect (100%) IV Pokémon for Valor.
Have a look at Poké Assistant (pokeassistant.com) & try appraising your mons using the tools they have available so you know what your IVs are & can concentrate stardust & candy on ones that have good IVs.

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I use an app called calcy IV, it reads the screen and gives you a good idea to keep it or not

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Poke Genie is also good but for some reason I still appraise manually…

Thanks for anwer.what I need to write in dust box?number of stardusts?

Yes, the amount of stardust it will take to power your Pokémon up.

So you can see that because this Growlithe has both HP & defense as excellent stats it is 91%

Thanks it’s really helpful. And i wanna ask öne more thing if you dont mind.when should i evolve my pokemon?after maxed cp or before maxed it?

If they are decent cp and good IV’s. If it’s pidgeys and the other commons you don’t need good IV’s because their max cp is kinda low.

@Raizo I think it doesn’t matter, if it’s 2500 to power up, it’ll still be 2500 when it’s evolved

Ok.It sounds reasonable.:roll_eyes:Thanks

Good luck and happy hunting bro :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest my friend :grin:

I need to check in atk def and HP boxes according to what the team leader says right?you know she says ‘‘its Attack is its strong feature and … impressesd with its defense’’. In that case I must check-in both atk atk and def boxes I think.

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Yeah you do. I love the appraisal system because IV’s matter so much later on in the game. It calculates the overall potential of that Pokémon. It can be the difference of maxing off at 3300 CP on your Dragonite or maxing off at 3550 CP. This makes it’s stats better.

Hey bro i found that nidoran im gonna train it.should i max its cp before evolve it and does my trainer level affect anything in pokemon’s evolution?

Evolve when you can do the full evolution chain. So 124 Nidoran candies because then you won’t evolve and use 25 candies then find a better nidoran. Also when you get to lvl 30 you are able to get the max cp available in the wild.

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Trainer level only affects what you could power it up to. For example, a level 37 could power it up to 800cp while a level 25 could power it up to 400cp.

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So it doesnt change anything then.when i power up cp level I need to wait for enough trainer level to power it up higher cp right?