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About CP and appraisal(I'm Rookie)

You mean find better one in future when become higher level as I understand.

Yeah when you become a higher trainer level you will be able to power up more

Good IVs on that one but the CP is low so you’re going to spend more stardust powering it up once you evolve.
I personally don’t power up before evolving because you may get a bad moveset (TMs make this less of an issue).
Nidoran drop frequently from 2km eggs so you should be able to hatch a 300+ CP Nidoran if you wait.
And yes, your trainer level will allow you to power up but as you reach higher levels you can power up more.

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Couple good rules to follow for Powering Up if your in this game for the long haul and want to get to L40:

  1. Do not Power Up before Evolving
  2. Do not Power Up anything until your L30 and above, the later the better as better Pokemon will most likely be caught. The exceptions to this are if it’s desperately required for Raid Battles (exploiting Type Weakness) or it 100%IV.

If Powering Up because required for battling the best bang for buck is only take your Pokemon to L30 as the CP/HP increase after that becomes smaller (near 1/2 as much) and the cost keeps climbing.

Star Dust is the hardest thing to collect large amounts of quickly and very large amounts are required to Max things out. It can take months to to accumulate 100K Start Dust that will be used in 5min and still not even Max the Pokemon out.
Every Pokemon regardless of IV will cost 205K Star Dust to Power from L20 to L39.5 (game maximum).

If your just playing for fun and don’t care about levels and the end game Evolve and Power Up when ever you want and enjoy.

But do also take advantage of the double stardust event that is about to start! Farm, farm, FARM!!!

The first one tells you what range your IV is. The second tells you the number of the best IV.