52. Vivillon Collector

Post your Vivillon from around the world here! :butterfly: :earth_americas: :earth_africa: :earth_asia:

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I’m in the Marine region. If you open my gifts, you can get Marine form Vivillon.


Continental here. Got 7 different ones so far.


@Branebs I’d love to open a gift from you… but you’ll need to send one first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

Ask and you shall receive! :wink:

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Continental region from me

I’ve pinned several postcards from far away places and nothing. I’m about two more tries before writing it off like the special incense “feature”.

Am I even doing it right? I select a gift, and hit the pin button, then open it – does the scatterbug appear as a spawn in the wild? Does it just show up in my pokemon storage? Do I get an encounter, like with a field task reward? Does the scatterbug come when I open my postcard book and click on postcards? Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

Haha, you need to pin 3 Cards from the same type of region. Push the Vivillion badge, then the glass to see more details, so you can see if there is a region with enough pinnings.
If so, you push the picture of this region and the encounter with Scatterbug starts.

Thanks @Branebs :grin::star::partying_face:


I’m from a High Plains region.

Rocky Mountain High plains, that is. :slight_smile:


Five down!


I made a bit of a boo-boo here. I pinned every single gift I had to try to get ahead. I then proceeded to delete all the postcards and now have no idea what I had already pinned :man_facepalming:

Anyhow, I have zero so far from the Sandstorm region! It’s a shame there isn’t a full searchable lost of countries and types as of yet.

My progress is below.

I am in the UK so the Garden region if anyone needs gifts add me - 9588 7208 4236

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I hope you accept that I have included this threat in my list of tables…


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Oh my god, a moment ago I thought I found a wild Scatterbug… and it was a DITTO… :imp: :imp:



I find the whole process of getting new reliable friends very frustrating.

Picking random codes from various sites can result in:
No response - the code giver is inundated with Friend Requests and simply cannot reply to all.

Acceptance - you send a gift and this is pinned and sometimes opened, but the new ‘friend’ never sends a gift back.

Acceptance - you send a gift, the recipient sends a gift back, but the gift is from a completely different geographic region to the one they claimed to be in.

All this creates a kind of regional hierarchy where people from populous regions - Modern, Garden, Continental, Elegant - are largely shunned - and players from regions like Sun, Sandstorm, Ocean, Tundra, etc. are in too much demand.



How can I tell what geographic region a particular gift, stop, or gym belongs to?

I try to send and receive at the same session, to avoid one of the problems you described there. I’d like to friend you, but don’t know whether I’m in a region that you need.

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@vorgriff3 if you click on the loop in the corner of the map shown underneath the Vivillon Badge it shows where which Vivillon appears. It’s quite unreliable though.


@vorgriff3 I’m GARDEN region - which it looks like you still need. I assume you are HIGH PLAINS (US west coast) - which I need.

We should be friends anyway! :grin::+1:
Here’s my code - add me if you like :sunglasses: