43. Hundo Badge


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These are your Hundos, are they all unique, or are doubles?

There are multiples of some Pokémon in that number. I don’t have time to sort uniques unless there’s an easy way?

Nearly… your number appears with the searchstring 4*, which finds all Hundos.

The other is looking in the Pokedex, in the filter-button down right of the screen. There you take Perfects
and it shows you the unique Hundos. I say nearly, because it doesn´t take in account the Pokémon with costumes as differents…

Cheers, forgot about that search option.


246 are unique (as in unique to each family).

62 unique Pokemon


70 unique Pokemon, 78 in total

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76 unique Pokemon, 82 in total

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Very interesting. It now shows I have 89 unique hundos in the Pokedex and 90 hundos in the Pokemon storage. But that’s obviously wrong because I have several duplicates in the storage (2 Dugtrio, 2 Gengar, 2 Dragonite, 2 different forms of Ninetales, 2 Ampharos, 2 Crobat, 2 Forretres, 2 Blissey, 2 Aggron, 2 Wailord, 2 Whiscash, 3 Staraptor, 2 Rhyperior, 2 Accelgor). Also, for example it now shows every stage of Mudkip evolutions in the Pokedex although I have only 1 hundo Swampert in the storage, but it doesn’t show every stage of Dratini evolutions in the Pokedex although I evolved it all the way to the Dragonite during its Community Day.

I’m guessing you have only evolved that Mudkip recently. Any Hundo Pokemon you evolved before the new Pokédex went live doesn’t show the previous stages in the Hundo Dex, whereas the previous stages do show up if evolved after the new Pokédexes got added.

I have made some evolutions to see how the Pokedex acts.
Result: If you catch a first-stage hundo, it counts as one. If you evolve him before catching a second, it counts as two, having only one in this second stage. The same happens if you evolve him again, then you have three in the Pokedex, and only one in the bag.
On the other hand, getting a complete family in both genders counts in the bag as six hundos, but only three in the Pokedex.
The third case would be that you catch a Hundo, but you send it to Willow. Then you have one in the Pokedex, but zero in the bag.

Mixing up this with several families, and you can have everything, more Hundos in the Pokedex than in the bag, equal, or more in the bag than in the Pokedex.

I actually have 75 unique hundos not counting different forms (e.g. Alolan forms). If we count every evoution stage that I ever had, then it’s circa 142.

Hmm, the last information about you I have is 82 hundos (searching 4* in your bag) and 76 Hundos uniques (looking in the Pokedex).

76 is with Alolan Ninetales.

More crazy, a moment ago you have sent your Pokedex-screen and it shows 89 Perfects…