3 Hour Mewtwo Raids

What do you think of this???

They last 3 hours?

Yeah but that was just a test raid though. Its 6 minutes past release time so NOW comes the new info. Or rather it should atleast. Last time Ho-oh stayed an unplanned ~12 hours longer so who knows whats happening now :stuck_out_tongue:

where mewtwo

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Eggs are back to 1 hour. Mewtwo seems to have new moves though.
Flamethrower (Moltres)
Ice Beam (Articuno)
Thunderbolt (Zapdos)
Thats a nice touch i think :slight_smile:

Not really, these three are the typical trio of both moves and elements in both pokemon games and many other (Breath of the Wild, anyone?)

Gen 1 Dex complete


already got two


None had appeared on the Gyms on way to work yet :confounded:

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What about now?

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I drive to work around 5:30 to 6:30am. I think the change over time for us is 8am.
There were a few Birds on Gyms then. Eggs start appearing for us between 5:30am.

Not sure how easy it will to beat…
60,000 cp is insane…

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It was a comfortable win with only 3 when an Ex Raid if you had a heap of L30 Tyranitar with Bite/ Crunch.

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Mewtwo raid is 90 mins so far

Thats excellent news. There was a thread to discuss this but it’s been closed already.
I said I’d reserve my judgement until trying it for bit. I’m loving the 15min Eggs with longer times to Raid. I’ve found I’m not wasting time driving around looking and driving back to Eggs waiting for them to Hatch only to find out it’s something I’m not interested in Raiding.

Those were a few exceptions. It really is back to 1 hour egg and 45 minute raid time.

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Good luck , tell us how many people it took

The first Mewtwo Raid of the day at 4pm, had like 40 people show up. We broke into team groups to fight it.

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the boss is on roids :grin::grin: 60k cp…
but it was fun…

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Was it hard?

@Gary_oak @bobbyjack8

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