20. Gentleman badge

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What about the Gentlewoman’s badge? Or would it be ladies?

Just Gentleman.


My wife also plays :wink:

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I think its a reference to a trainer type in the original games. Just like the youngster.

Oh, that’s great

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Making a start on this one 2. Can’t wait to I finally level up enough with the other family members so I can start trading the 1 Legendary every day. Pity I did a mass clean out only a few months ago. Really hoping to get a great IV Palkia and Dialga as 30+ Raids gave me nothing worthy of Dust and Candy.

My son isn’t really interested in trading unless it’s for a quest. After that, I usually just do Lucky Trades with my local players.

I should have this completed off in 2 more days after some more nest farming the next 2 days after work.
Have not got any 100% from Trade at this stage.

Never noticed this badge. Not sure it makes sense to conflate the oldest form of commerce with the pursuit of high standards of manners and moral character.

Maybe I’m just complaining because I don’t have the surplus stardust to sink into trading, or derive enjoyment from gambling for the heck of it.

Then again, there are aspects of the game’s badges that show either a lack of thought or concern for self consistency. (e.g. ‘Battle Legend’ and ‘Champion’ clearly don’t consider a Legendary Raid to be a Raid, while the research tasks treat Legendary Raids as Raids)