Your Thoughts On The 'Safari Zone' And GoFest



just wanted to know what you thought about the news. Are you happy or not? Does this news affect you, or disadvantage you?


Well when the 22nd hits we will see but time will tell.


For the ‘special event’ it will be midnight in the UK


6pm cdt in Finland is 2am… well, we also have midnight sun so it’s fine :slight_smile:


I thought the idea of regionals was really cool by niantic, but I guess they’re only going to be sort of regional and won’t be as special now.


The “Safari Zones” Came from the main series games. (Soulsilver and Platinum especially). A safari zone was a place where you paid to enter, and you got 30 safari balls to catcha wide variety of pokemon. I wonder if Niantics’ version will work similarly.


Based on the way it has been mentioned so far, I think it will be a cluster of lures that spawn rare (possibly high IV or exclusive ) pokemon. Your idea would be amazing by the way.


Seems like it’s going to be fun not only for those attending but also for most of the other players. As long as their requirements aren’t over the top The time zone thing shouldn’t be a big concern, the rewards will come later.



I’d like to catch stuff that isn’t normally in my region. Why is that limited to Europe exactly? Those are my only thoughts…