Your GO Fest Dortmund 2019 catches


I got alot of shinies.10 on go fest.i got 2 mawile,1 feebas,1 horsea,1 aron,1 eevee,3 Nidoran Male and 1 normal digglet.Post your catches here!


I have nothing to post here.


I posted my shinies in the “post your new shiny” thread. Since then, I hatched a shiny Aaron from one of my remaining GoFest eggs.


Wow, Its just like me, what a coincidence.


Yeah, I’ve never been to Europe.


I got a whopping 30 shinies it all started when i got out of the car and grabbed a shiny Slakoth, then after entering through the gate i clicked my first Kabuto and it was SHINY! i caught many others including 6 male nidoran and 3 lotads


Left the pink Monkeys out of it. The row of Gastly, Geodude and Cresselia were trades for shinies catched on Gofest, respectively Mawile, Nidoran Male and Magnemite.