Your First Maxed Levelup Pokemon?


I don’t have any yet. When it gets up to 8-10 candies to power it up, the returns on performance aren’t worth the effort. The candies and dust are much better spent on another of same species to build a better raid team.


My 100% Gardevoir


Level 36 so nothing yet. My Dragonite is level 38.


In order:

  1. Wigglytuff 100%
  2. Dragonite 100%
  3. Vaporeon 96%
  4. Snorlax 87%
  5. Machamp 100%
  6. Gardevoir 100%
  7. Alakazam 100%


That’s amazing


My first 100% Pokémon so it was only right for him to be my first level 40


I’m not abolutlely sure, but I think my first maxed out Pokémon was my first good (15 attack, rest rather mediocre) Dragonite. After having pushied it to about Level 37 or 38 I got several Dratinis that were better, but I didn’t want to start over, so I kept powering-up the old one.

This Dragonite was closely followed by a Gyarados, a Blissey and a Tyranitar.


My first Dragonite, max out at level 39 when there are no level 40 unless you are using 3 finger tap,glitch which i dont
I dont use it to battle gym, i just put it in a rural gym (old gym system)
Not a good IV Dragonite, but it give me daily coins for months until there is gym rework, so no complain for me


The only one I have now is a 100IV heracross, I caught it being level 1 and since its regional exclusive I felt it was well deserved to be my first


Completely maxed at 40? I think it was jynx. Or maybe sceptile.


That would be my Gengar


I started with 98 dragonite, followed by 98 ttar, 89 m2, 100 ray, 100 champ, 100 zam, 98 m2, and 2 SC gengars…
Next 3 are at L38-39: mew, 98 beldum, 91 gyarados


I cant be sure but I think my first L40 Maxed Pokemon was a 100% Tyranitar.


Your sons gave you luck even before they were born… born yet???


:scream: from eggs we get only lvl20
It means you spent lots of Stardust to power up


He is almost a year old :smiley:


Wow! Congrats!:grin::grin::grin:


He know about the game yet?


Im not even lvl 35


My first 100% Gyarados.