Your First Maxed Levelup Pokemon?


I maxed my 100iv CHARIZARD To Level 40 First
Because beginning of Pokemon In Kanto Region Ash Has Strongest Pokemon CHARIZARD


My first was a perfect IV Tyranitar that I hatched when I was level 38. Was buying baby stuff getting the house ready for my sons to be born, was looking at strollers when the egg popped. I remember thinking, well that’s the highest CP larvatar I’ve hatched, and wanting to scream when I checked the appraisals. Evolved it on the spot :grin:


my first maxed must have been my 100% vaporeon when he was still relevant, the next one(s) must have been legendaries. Got over 37 maxed out now.


15-14-13 Mewtwo, I didnt want to max out anything at first but one of the friends got mad because they would no longer have the strongest Mewtwo in the group, so Ive maxed him out


I don’t have any yet. When it gets up to 8-10 candies to power it up, the returns on performance aren’t worth the effort. The candies and dust are much better spent on another of same species to build a better raid team.


My 100% Gardevoir


Level 36 so nothing yet. My Dragonite is level 38.


In order:

  1. Wigglytuff 100%
  2. Dragonite 100%
  3. Vaporeon 96%
  4. Snorlax 87%
  5. Machamp 100%
  6. Gardevoir 100%
  7. Alakazam 100%


That’s amazing


My first 100% Pokémon so it was only right for him to be my first level 40


I’m not abolutlely sure, but I think my first maxed out Pokémon was my first good (15 attack, rest rather mediocre) Dragonite. After having pushied it to about Level 37 or 38 I got several Dratinis that were better, but I didn’t want to start over, so I kept powering-up the old one.

This Dragonite was closely followed by a Gyarados, a Blissey and a Tyranitar.


My first Dragonite, max out at level 39 when there are no level 40 unless you are using 3 finger tap,glitch which i dont
I dont use it to battle gym, i just put it in a rural gym (old gym system)
Not a good IV Dragonite, but it give me daily coins for months until there is gym rework, so no complain for me


The only one I have now is a 100IV heracross, I caught it being level 1 and since its regional exclusive I felt it was well deserved to be my first


Completely maxed at 40? I think it was jynx. Or maybe sceptile.


That would be my Gengar


I started with 98 dragonite, followed by 98 ttar, 89 m2, 100 ray, 100 champ, 100 zam, 98 m2, and 2 SC gengars…
Next 3 are at L38-39: mew, 98 beldum, 91 gyarados


I cant be sure but I think my first L40 Maxed Pokemon was a 100% Tyranitar.


Your sons gave you luck even before they were born… born yet???


:scream: from eggs we get only lvl20
It means you spent lots of Stardust to power up


He is almost a year old :smiley: