Your current Level


Drop your current level.

Lvl 37(53%)




What does the % mean? Until you get to next Level?



Divide your current xp by the amount you need to level.


Me. 38 10%
Daughter. 33. 1%
Son. 30. 23%




35, 33 1/3 %


37, 56%


i guess we can be rivials๐Ÿ˜


When did you level up?


Sometime two weeks ago or week and half. Used to lvl every week then every two weeks but with xp week it got lil faster


I got a level up last saturday, might actually beat you :wink:

But yeah, I no longer have any Pidgey-like Pokemon to evolve, nor the candy needed to do so, and yesterday I even evolved two Alakazam just to get those exp


Oh your one of those trainers who evolve for xp. Ima do that on community day.


Community day only triples catch XP, sadly, so you are better of catching Bulba like a madman, and then doing some evolves (of course, evolving some good Bulbas during the community day to get the Frenzy Plant)


Level 34, 22.8%


Level 34, 28%. @GoldStandard000 do you want to race to 35๐Ÿ˜


@JoshHack Sure lol


Oh good looking out. Welp i guess ima be evolving bulbas




34 5% (just leveled up)