Would it really be so bad if we got to choose what rare Pokémon we got from our weekly research?


Hello everyone,

It’s just disappointing to repeatedly work all week towards a Pokemon that you don’t need and then immediately transfer. I know it would make the game slightly easier, but it would still take a few months to get them all. And the really good ones could still be reserved for raids. SHAREit

Or maybe add a monthly field research to hunt for specific legenda
UC Browser . ries, similar to the Mew and Celebi research? I would find that much more rewarding.

Thank you!


We’re overdue for a monthly research. I’d love another one.

On the main point: I’d rather be able to choose 1- 2 that I DON’T get. I swear, if I land one more Raikou, Entei, or Suicine … I’m gonna throw my phone. :rofl:


I’ve yet to transfer a Legendary. I Pinap them and be glad to get those 6 candy at the end of the week.


I like the fact that is random I still keep hoping every week for a shiny Lugia


I hope to get a Legendary Beast every week, then I’m almost certain I won’t get one.


I think its kinda fun to guess what legendary appears.


Doesn’t really matter to me which one it is. Just happy to add the candy.


Would be great. I got 3 bad IV Regice in a row each week and to top that 20 regular pokeballs, no Sinnoh stone. :face_vomiting:


@magoose6 44 more days until Best friends


I just keep getting Suicunes. Cute but I am sick of only getting same thing week after week, Maybe ,after you get say 4 of the same thing, they could eliminate that one from your pool.


Yeah, I wish there was some sort of mechanic that said “Oh, you’ve gotten PokemonX 9 times, PokemonY 3 times, and PokemonZ 0 times … we should drop X this time around at least” …


That’s too complex for Niantic


I just got a Registeel.


I think the last one I got was Reggie ice and that made number nine for me still hoping for shiny Lugia my brother just got shiny Ho-Oh last night


Still missing Regirock. Got 2 Entei in a row.
But choosing would kill the surprise we get when it shows up. :smiley:
Saw a proposal on FB, that Niantic cloud create a new folder to make weekly quest, hard (like feed 108 berries to gyms or win 60 gym battles per week), to get a mystery box without a Switch. Those could be used to get some pokemon that aren´t Meta and just show on raids, some 6 to 9 months after they leave the raids.


the only good ones are Raikou, Entei, and Lugia


I’m always hoping for a Raikou. That’s the best you can get


Neither of them is the best of its type though


I keep getting Suicune or Entei. With bad IVs… I think there was one Regice when they started appearing in the research breakthrough, but that was all. The only thing I’m always hoping for and which is still missing from my collection is a shiny Ho-Oh. I’d collect 100 stamps instead of 7 if I could just get one…
But if I’d be to get a shiny from research breakthrough it would probalby be Lugia, which I already got traded a long time ago…


I’m personally not a fan of this idea. The name of the game is RNG. They’re also legendary Pokémon being handed to us. People also forget that Niantic is here to make $$$.
If we were able to narrow it down like that then Niantic wouldn’t have people coming back every day to spin the stop, to get the research which builds up to the 7 day stamp. That’s 14 in game actions per week over (potentially) 3 weeks which would otherwise not be done by most after obtaining the legendary they want (as they’d get it then not have to come back until they could pick a new legendary from research).
The less people play, the less revenue Niantic makes, less revenue = less features they can provide & ultimately the game becomes uneconomically feasible.
Coming from a position where I’ve put in a lot of effort to catch those legendaries that I want plus any available shiny variants I think it would be unfair for us to simply “pick” what we want from a legendary selection.
I’ve also had my fair share of rubbish Regis & no shinies from the research since they came out either but when one gets released that I want, another 3 day event like the recent Groudon event or legendary raid day happens (shiny Rayquaza, I’m looking at you) I’m sure my raid count will be going up from the 50+ RayRays I’ve done to near the 100 that I’ve done to get my 2 shiny Groudon.
Again personal opinion 🥴