Worst thing ever


It wore clothes while the phone was in your pants


I guess I’ll never know :wink:. That swinub was never caught :clap:t3:.


When it wore pants it also wore running shoes and it could run away from you fast


@Pokemon, that’s really unfortunate, especially at the current double stardust event time. Open as many gifts as you can every day, the game AI somehow knows what you are short on and gives you what you need, at least that’s the case to me.


Yes I would be happy with no balls so I can open lots of gifts


No, no ball = no stardust


Thank you. I’m catching Pokémon with only great and ultras.


I don’t really use stardust


Open my gift daily then


What? Why not?


It’s even more useful right now than ever.


2 moves isn’t worth it
I don’t power up so much
I don’t trade so much


Powering up is everything :flushed:


Without power-up, how to raid with others?


Or gym battle


Yeah, level 20 is not strong enough sometimes


I feel bad for you buddy everyday at throw away the pokeballs I get from stops and gifts only keep great and Ultra I’m sorry for your loss


Lol I like them all I discard potions so I’m good and I only keep 10 super 10 hyper and 50 max and 10 revives and 50 max


The highest number of balls I’ve ever had is about 150
I mainly catch Pokemon to lose my poke balls so I can open gifts


So I don’t really want stardust
a bit for candy
But I want xp