Worst thing ever


Xp is great for us.


Me, too.


They just bounced away. Schade.


One of those :man_facepalming::rage: moments when you realise what’s happened.
It’s only time you’d normally spend using those balls re-collecting them.


Your pants throwing out balls, this is the weirdest story Ive ever read lol


Some one post on here one time thay got bit by a rat doing a raid


I discard that many pokeballs in only a few days because of lack of bag space.


Poor pokemon :frowning:


You can build that back up though in a couple days


Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. Open 20 presents and you will get lots of Pokeballs. I have to discard balls just to open presents.


I just get greats and ultra :joy:


me too
I rarely trash my items when I could just catch Pokemon and use balls up


I’m similar to you


And I rarely trash them when I don’t need them because I will probably need them later on…


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