Will Garchomp be any good?


So far, all four pseudo-legendary Pokémon were great.
Dragonite is a fantastic generalist, Tyranitar is the best Dark-Type in the game, Salamence is pretty much a more offensive Dragonite, and Metagross is the best Steel-Type

So what does the Generation IV pseudo-legendary, the Mach Pokémon, Garchomp, have in store for us?

Let’s start with his stats:
His attack is wonderful, at 261, just five points bellow our Gen I pseudo, which means that his hits will hit very hard
His defense isn’t too bad either, at 198, and with the HP of 216, Garchomp will definetly stay in for a long time and do a ton of damage

These stats mean his CP tops at a whooping 3823, higher than almost everything we’ve had so far
Does that mean Garchomp will get the standart 9% nerf?

Garchomp has quite a wide movepool, so I’m just gonna list what could be usable in PoGo at this time.

Fire fang [FIRE]
Mud-slap, Mud shot [GROUND]
Dragon tail, Dragon breath [DRAGON]
Rock smash [FIGHTING]
Shadow claw [GHOST]
Hidden power, Take down, Tackle, Cut [NORMAL]
Poison jab [POISON]
Iron tail [STEEL]

Crunch [DARK]
Dragon claw, Twister, Draco meteor, Dragon pulse, Outrage [DRAGON]
Brick break [FIGHTING]
Fire blast, Flamethrower [FIRE]
Aerial ace [FLYING]
Earthquake, Dig, Sand tomb, Bulldoze [GROUND]
Hyper beam, Body slam [NORMAL]
Stone edge, Rock slide, Rock tomb [ROCK]
Iron head [STEEL]
Aqua tail [WATER]

Now, since PoGo usually uses 2-3 spreads, I would assume he will get Dragon tail and Mud-slap/shot as fast attacks, and Outrage/Dragon Claw, Earthquake, and either Stone edge or Rock slide as charge attacks

Garchomp is definetly going to be a prominent Pokémon in the meta, hitting the Creation Trio and Heatran with super-effective STABs, Cresselia with potentional Shadow Claw/Crunch, Shaymin with a Fire-Type attack, you get the idea
He can also beat up Rhyperior, a Pokémon with even higher CP than the landshark himself (assuming he doesn’t get an Ice-Type attack) and other pseudo-legendaries with its great typing and sheer bulk and power
So how do you counter this beast?
Basically, use an Ice-Type, like Articuno, Lapras, the upcoming Glaceon or Regice are all great counters to Garchomp (as long as he doesn’t get Fire-Type attacks)


Garchomp will be added to me team. Hoping to get 5 good ones. With that CP i am loving it. Even with a nerf if it’s over 3100 ill still be happy.

Garchomp will be much appreciated.


Garchomp will most likely be a good attacker no matter what happens.


Wow but how is the max cp higher than Dragonite?


Much better stats


What stat is better


HP is better by a lot, defense is also higher, attack is just 5 points below


So its better!


I bet that garchomp Will get a CD and get Draco Meteor.


I wouldnt be that fond of the event move.


Garchomp is nowhere near as well-known user of Draco as Dragonite tho (outside of the uncommon special attacking sets or Chain Chomp in Gen 4)


My Salamance also has Draco Meteor, so I’m pretty sure Garchomp will get a new move.