Will Garchomp be any good?


So far, all four pseudo-legendary Pokémon were great.
Dragonite is a fantastic generalist, Tyranitar is the best Dark-Type in the game, Salamence is pretty much a more offensive Dragonite, and Metagross is the best Steel-Type

So what does the Generation IV pseudo-legendary, the Mach Pokémon, Garchomp, have in store for us?

Let’s start with his stats:
His attack is wonderful, at 261, just five points bellow our Gen I pseudo, which means that his hits will hit very hard
His defense isn’t too bad either, at 198, and with the HP of 216, Garchomp will definetly stay in for a long time and do a ton of damage

These stats mean his CP tops at a whooping 3823, higher than almost everything we’ve had so far
Does that mean Garchomp will get the standart 9% nerf?

Garchomp has quite a wide movepool, so I’m just gonna list what could be usable in PoGo at this time.

Fire fang [FIRE]
Mud-slap, Mud shot [GROUND]
Dragon tail, Dragon breath [DRAGON]
Rock smash [FIGHTING]
Shadow claw [GHOST]
Hidden power, Take down, Tackle, Cut [NORMAL]
Poison jab [POISON]
Iron tail [STEEL]

Crunch [DARK]
Dragon claw, Twister, Draco meteor, Dragon pulse, Outrage [DRAGON]
Brick break [FIGHTING]
Fire blast, Flamethrower [FIRE]
Aerial ace [FLYING]
Earthquake, Dig, Sand tomb, Bulldoze [GROUND]
Hyper beam, Body slam [NORMAL]
Stone edge, Rock slide, Rock tomb [ROCK]
Iron head [STEEL]
Aqua tail [WATER]

Now, since PoGo usually uses 2-3 spreads, I would assume he will get Dragon tail and Mud-slap/shot as fast attacks, and Outrage/Dragon Claw, Earthquake, and either Stone edge or Rock slide as charge attacks

Garchomp is definetly going to be a prominent Pokémon in the meta, hitting the Creation Trio and Heatran with super-effective STABs, Cresselia with potentional Shadow Claw/Crunch, Shaymin with a Fire-Type attack, you get the idea
He can also beat up Rhyperior, a Pokémon with even higher CP than the landshark himself (assuming he doesn’t get an Ice-Type attack) and other pseudo-legendaries with its great typing and sheer bulk and power
So how do you counter this beast?
Basically, use an Ice-Type, like Articuno, Lapras, the upcoming Glaceon or Regice are all great counters to Garchomp (as long as he doesn’t get Fire-Type attacks)


Garchomp will be added to me team. Hoping to get 5 good ones. With that CP i am loving it. Even with a nerf if it’s over 3100 ill still be happy.

Garchomp will be much appreciated.


Garchomp will most likely be a good attacker no matter what happens.


Wow but how is the max cp higher than Dragonite?


Much better stats


What stat is better


HP is better by a lot, defense is also higher, attack is just 5 points below


So its better!