Wild pokemon battles


So I understand and enjoy the idea behind going out and adventuring to find new pokemon. However, I feel like one of the key aspects that people love about the pokemon games is battling, and I feel like this can be added to the game without ruining anything. So the way I see this being possible is by making it a choice you can either fight, catch, or run if you fight you can not catch but you can run and if you catch you can not fight but again you can run. When you catch then it’s the exact same as playing the game normally now, but if you fight then you can go into a mode just like when fighting for a gym and based off of difficult (which can be based off things like type and combat power) you can earn candy for the pokemon you are fighting with (you can make it to where only your buddy can fight or you can have a team just like in the original game). 1 candy for a pokemon that is in the green difficulty (easy) 2 for a pokemon that is in the yellow/orange difficulty (medium) and 3 for a pokemon that is in the red difficulty (hard). This is just an idea but I believe it could really help add to the game in a very positive way. Please let me know what you think and add anything that could maybe make this idea better to hopefully get something like this implemented into the game!


So u don’t get to catch the Pokemon? Good idea tho, but I think that the best way to see what will happen to PVP, the gym system, Pokemon vs Player, and NMCs I think they’re called, is to wait for let’s Go. I feel like a lot of things that Niantic is going to do with battling is going to be related to Let’s Go. However, nonetheless great idea, that’s surprisingly not been said on the hub yet.


See that’s the thing I would never want to take away the catching aspect but if you make it a choice then you can do either one. The reason I said no catching if you choose to fight is because that would completely change the game if you make it to where it’s a choice you can still catch a poke mon just like normal or you can fight and get a few more candy for a pokemon that you really want to level up. And it doesnt just automatically level up that pokemon it just gives you candies to level it up. But I completely get what you’re saying and thanks for the input! It was very much appreciated.


That’s an interesting idea and on the surface I don’t mind it.
We already know the reward for catching Pokemon is Candy, Star Dust, Collection, Evolution and the possibility of improving the IV of the Collection.
The Rerward for choosing to fight rather than catch would need to be equally as beneficial or it would be a failure. It could work with another idea that has been throw around in being able to improve a Pokemon’s IV stats. Some sort of points system from these choice battles for either use on Pokemon type only or for use to improve any Pokemon’s IV.


If I unleashed my Pokemon on something wild, they would probably make it faint and I couldn’t catch it.


That is why you get the choice and that’s why I said they should have a rating system that determines if the pokemon is a hard fight or not which decides the candies. So you’ll be either able to fight or catch but not both.


I think the rewards for fighting could definitely include stardust as well but what would make it beneficial is being able to level up a pokemon that might be very hard to find yet in a way that still.wont make it super easy.


I never saw wild battles as real battles,its just “press run” simulator


Maybe battle to increase catch rate and earn dust?