Why there needa to be TMs for Community Day and Legendary Days πŸ˜‰



With Hydro Cannon this would be awesome.
But it is a USELESS dex/ bag filler currently.


Do any of you guys have useless pokemon due to CD?


Think i made a topic about this. Also allowing all other previous CDay moves to be available.



No I am asking if anyone has mons rendered useless like me :joy:


Wouldnt be useless if they used my ideaπŸ€ͺ


That’s why I’m waiting to evolve my 100% Combusken - just because I know it will get a better moveset it won’t get if I evolve it now…


Even now Blastoise knows Hydro Cannon, I don’t use him at all.


Knowing starters will most likely get their CD, just save several high IV for such purpose and evolve lower IV for dex purpose


who knows,as the newer gens are being released niantic might add them to the common pool


Pretty much any of the legendaries tbh


Same, my 100 IV Croconaw is ready.


But Swampert is so much better than Blastoise.