Why is stardust so hard to get?


Stardust is hard to get for me sometimes :(:tired_face:

  • I have no stardust as always
  • I do not always have much stardust
  • I have a bit of stardust
  • I have very much stardust
  • I have super much stardust
  • Im rich of stardust

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What do you use it on?


Now?My ALMOST Maxed out Mewtwo.Next?i have no idea :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:


And what did you use it on in the past?




Now its a max Rayquaza :blush:


Options to get Stardust:

  • Feed Berries in Gyms instead of deleting them. You get 20 Stardust per Berry.

  • Catch lots of mons; How higher the evolution stage, how more the rewarded Stardust. (Maybe I add the amount in the future.)

  • Keep the ‘Stardust-Rewarding Quests’ and finish them. Also a little bit can help🙂

  • Use a Star Piece when you know you’re going to get a lot of Stardust. You get 1,5x the Stardust you normally get.

  • Raid at least once per day. Raids also reward Stardust.

  • When Star Pieces are on sale, buy a lot of them. They are, for example, much better than new clothes.

  • Don’t spend Stardust on useless mons. Only on mons they’re worth it. And if you found mons you want to waste it on, it’s better to level them all to their breakpoints first, (level 30 I think) instead of maxing them out (thanks @Stixya).

Good luck!!


Also, dont max out pokemon but only level them to their breakpoints :slight_smile:


No else you will never get strong Pokémon


If you level them to level 30 they’re 90% good as they’ll ever be.

I’m sorry if this is horrible English

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


You will get strong Mons, but they wont be as good as maxed out
I would say go for max if you already have a solid team and just want to max out the most important ones, like Mewtwo, Kyogre or TTar


You need to really grind any stardust events. Just during the last community day, I got over 200k star dust in three hours. During the last stardust event that lasted a week or two I got almost a million. Use your star pieces wisely…7 day catch streaks can give you a lot of dust at once


It keeps parity in the game, plus it adds a level af strategy to things since you have to think about how you spend it.


i know someone in our raidgroup who has more stardust than some members on this forum have XP. It al depends on how you play.

Also, stardust is not hard to get. powering up pokemon to level 40 is expensive. Slight difference.


If you have little or no Star Dust you are Dustitute (destitute for those that it might not translate well for)


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