Why is monthly research so crappy?


Continuing what @elysse77 said…

I don’t even have Ho-oh yet!!! Why do we have to have random? Why can’t it be where we get a different one every two weeks? It would make everyone who doesn’t have that pokemon yet more happy or hyped anyway!

And also I got 12 Suicune already!!! :smiling_imp::japanese_goblin:
What’s the point of random if all i get is suicune… I had one before this (of course not something better) but this isn’t fair! I’m probably never going to get Ho- Oh.

  • Yes I agree we should have a new one every 2 weeks!
  • No, keep it like it is, I like it random!

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Just keep trying buddy eventually you’ll get one or someone will wind up trading with you


can you trade


Yea and we have a friend in California that can trade with you


I’m sick of getting the useless Suicune when all I want is big IV Raikou.


This isn’t a very fair poll. I’m ok with it switching once every month, not every two weeks.


I agree


And I do get Raikou everytime but the IV’s are :poop:.