Why does no one talk about Shaymin Sky Form?


With fantastic stats, mediocre opposition and access to the best Grass type charge move after Frenzy Plant, Shaymin-Sky will easily trump any Grass Mon lists, yet we barely hear about him while we have like 20 articles about all Gen 4 evolutions


It’s possible that due to the potential rarity of Shaymin, not to mention the pure lack of information on how we would even obtain the Sky Form, probably leaves us all in a state of “why are we talking about this?” It could be months, possible even a year before we have any chance of encountering Shaymin. It’s also possible that we will be in Gen 5 once Shaymin does arrive.


Well, since it actually seems usefull AND it is a mythical pokemon it might go the way of Deoxys into EX-raids. That would be the best solution. But that might be a long time before were that far. Weve only just arrived at Deoxys’ second form.


Exactly. It took 3 months to switch forms for Deoxys, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch that Deoxys overall will occupy EX Raids for a year. Mewtwo did the same. There are also Darkrai and Arceus that would likely be considered EX Raid Bosses, so it may be quite some time.


Duplicate topic


We already had an article about Manaphy, soooo…


I don’t like his Sky form I like when he looks like a little Chia Pet


I don’t talk about stuff I don’t know about, so…