Why does no one talk about Shaymin Sky Form?


With fantastic stats, mediocre opposition and access to the best Grass type charge move after Frenzy Plant, Shaymin-Sky will easily trump any Grass Mon lists, yet we barely hear about him while we have like 20 articles about all Gen 4 evolutions


Skymin has
261 attack,
166 defense,
And 225 stamina right?


To be honest, I did not know it yet :grin:


I think so, it’s like a LOT more powerful roserade


Pokemongohub.net doesn’t have a guide while gamepress does.


Odds are Shaymin and it’s Alternate Form won’t be a Raid Battle. Since it seems to be one of the “Mew’s” of this generation, it will be more likely a Special Field Research encounter. That’s probably why a guide hasn’t been put together.


Doesnt change its influence, even with bad IVs its the third best Grass Type after Kartana and Mega Venusaur
And there was an article about Shaymin that didnt includethe Sky forme at all