Who's got farfetch'd & Kangaskhan?



Farfetch’d and kangaskhan are spawning! Have you all caught one yet? I haven’t. I’m hoping for one to spawn at my house, I don’t really want to go out at 9:00 pm in cold Canadian weather.


Try using incense,just caught one using it^^


Thanks for changing the title, forgot about kangaskhan :sweat_smile:


2 Farfetch’d near my house in 3 minutes. All good :slight_smile:


Used an incense too because I didn’t want to go out at night to get it. After the first mon spawned, a Farfetched spawned. Got it!!


First view of Kangaskhan.



I got 7 bamboo ducks in 15mins, they are every where.


Well hello there…


Still haven’t seen one on nearby but hoping one spawns at my home because not particularly wanting to walk half a mile uphill and then half a mile downhill in -1° icy weather …

**EDIT: **Got one finally at my house after a whole day …


I am using incense and got the wrong region exclusive :l


I have on!!! CP 411. A little bit later I will add the screen…


So many farfetch’d here and i can’t go out :triumph:


Whow, not the same here, I run around the near streets and catched one luckily, but not have seen one in the radar.


i live in iceland :grinning: .I am super lucky that i got a farfetchd at my house


Caught 3 so far. Hoping to get a few decent ones. They low CP ones will go defend gyms.


Like I said earlier, they are every where in my area.
Seen 25, caught 23 so far.


Im going out to get few Farfech’d. Wish me luck for CP and IV’s!


Back from my Farfetch’d hunt, it was cold as hell but i didn’t gave up!
btw im uploading by links since Go Hub suddenly started rejecting my photos because they’re larger than 1024kb @apavlinovic can you fix it?


Had the game on all day, 4 spawns at my home got nothing, never seen any on nearby, had 6 incense on and still nothing.

EDIT Got mine now :slight_smile: