Who is your manga / anime counterparts


Who is your manga and anime counterparts?

I am a mix of Ash,Red,Silver,Gary and Lance and maybe some Paul

I have hope, i love my pokemon, i research alot on pokemon and i love dragons. Weak pokemon and low cp makes me mad"weak ass pokemon" be transfereddd quickk.

Who are you?


A blend of red and Gary…
Easily carried away by Pokemon…
But still in search for the best out there!:heart_eyes:


:100: Brock, always ready, love cooking, my pokemon and got shit luck with females :joy:


I am Ash.

Gotta Catch Them All!


Dang…if the question was who is my manga counterpart I’d have have a quick answer. But since it’s not I’ll go with Todd, Sawyer, Jimmy/Gold, Trip and Gladion.


I’m goin to say one punch man


nice thinking outside the box


might aswel say manga


Also im a lil bit Tobias,ill use legendary to mollywop a pidgey


Red was in the anime?


So… You’ve got 20 Pokemonnso far? :joy:


I am Ash…with all Pokémon


Dunno who would be mine, maybe Iris? Cynthia’s ace is Garchomp… Dunno


I have no clue…


Probably Olivia from Sun and Moon because she is unbelievably clumsy and that’s exactly like me :sweat_smile:
The first time I saw her, I immediately went “holy crap, that’s me??”

Tho Rock-type is not my favorite at all so not sure who else there is because I tend to lean on Dragon or Water types haha.


Was suppose to be Pokemon…related.



? What?


You said you are Ash
So youve got like 20 Pokémon so far


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