Who is actually going to use the pokestop reviewing thing? (Wayfarer) AND MORE


One nomination just got rejected for the most random reasons ever. It says it represents a restaurant. I’m not sure why, as there is not even a restaurant close to it. And it is on private property? It is in the shopping mall… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: so apparently, when reviewes try to locate it with streetview, they get to see a restaurant indeed. But what I nominated is not in the restaurant, although it does mark it to be there. What I nominated is on top of the roof of the shopping mall and definitely reachable outside the restaurant. No one would have a problem with my nomination becoming a Wayspot, but still the reviewers decided to reject it. All of them who reviewed should lose their permission, I’d say.

Edit 2:

Here you can even see it is on top of the shopping mall. And they could have seen it on the picture. And also they could have read it in the description. :man_facepalming:


And then I also have one nomination that has been in the queue for reviewing for at least three weeks now. :man_facepalming::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wish I could. But I’m 6.000.000xp away from lvl 40.


Did you put enough information in the added information to help reviewers in their decision making process. Although some are too ignorant to read it as I’ve seen with other stuff I’ve seen get rejected.


I gave every information I could give. I had apparently given three options on how they could see it was not in a restaurant and would neither be a problem for the restaurant. :man_facepalming:


Unfortunately you can fix stupid/ignorant reviewers.
Just resubmit it again a few weeks later and hope for some honest reviewers.
I’ve had one denied as a duplicate when it’s clearly a completely different sign that near another POi already in the game. I’m not bothered by it and will re-submit again at some point.


You sure its not already there in Ingress?


Yep, I checked it.


And I thank you for sending your gifts to me :joy: I hope you get your new pokestop soon


Does anyone know if it is possible to lose the ability of nominating Pokestops? I’m getting worried, because three nominations got rejected today, and the reasons - I do not even have words for that. All the reasons were pure nonsense. Not based on even anything. I have checked all the nominations and all of them be eligible. I have even explained everything as much as I could. If anyone on here can help me with submitting them, please let me know. It will be much appreciated.


I’ll try by requesting a nonsense Pokéstop lol


The funniest is that I tried to submit a bridge, just to see if bridges get accepted or not and I have yet to get an answer on that one. It is in the voting phase though. (I myself think bridges shouldn’t be eligible, but if they are, then I am going to submit them, too.)

I’m thinking about withdrawing it.


Hmm. They still do not hate me 100%. I was wondering what was going to happen as it wasn’t visible on Streetview.


It is possible:

If we believe you are spamming nominations inappropriately, you will receive a warning and may lose nomination privileges for repeat offenses.

Look at your Wayfinder rating. If it’s red, that’s not good. It means you don’t have many agreements. But those can be tricky. I used to have green rating, but recently it got yellow and whatever I do it won’t go to green again.
The good thing is you can nominate again Wayspots that were previously rejected. I also have some Wayspots that were rejected for ridiculous reasons and I plan to nominate them again, but I’ll wait a month or 2 before I do that. Hopefully, other people will get to review them and not the ones that rejected them. Also I will add more reasons why my Wayspots are eligible.


Many thanks, @Branebs. I am exactly in the middle so that mustn’t be a problem. I have 20 submissions that have been accepted, so I think that makes it safe to say I am not spamming nominations.

I still do not get the reasons, but yeah… I will nominate them again somewhere in the future. And I will explain why all those reasons are false.


I think that some people didn’t read the rules for reviewing nominations or they didn’t understand them. For example, I nominated a mural and a mosaic that happens to be on the wall of a shop. They rejected it because it’s a generic business?! I didn’t nominate a shop, I nominated a mural/mosaic. And I’ve seen some Wayspots that shouldn’t have been accepted but somehow they got accepted. And what bothers me is if you don’t like something that’s nominated or are not sure it should be a Wayspot don’t give it 1 star if it’s eligible. Give 2 or 3 stars or just skip it. 1 star should be given to the nominations that are clearly ineligible.


Totally agree. I had a map kind of thing being rejected because ‘it appears to be seasonal display’. I couldn’t help laughing about that, honestly. I personally don’t find those city maps to be very interesting, but they are eligible, because I have seen more than one of them that are Pokestops. That also means that if I need to review simular, I am not just giving 1 Star because it is a map. No, there needs to be more than that what makes it ineligible. I only give one star if I really think something must not become a Pokestop, but clearly not all the reviewers think the same way.


I have a question, people with wayfarer, can they find pokestop noninations by nomination ID?

Can they rate them?


No, if I am right, that is not possible. We just get to review a random nomination. At this point I have only had nominations from The Netherlands, Belgium and France.


I just made a pokestop nomination which is half BS, an dit should not be a pokestop nomination. There is a rickroll in the “why should this be nominated” though lol

Reason why it should not be a pokestop: it is in a building.