Which of the Deoxys forms looks the best?

  • Normal
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Speed

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Speed looks so sleek, attack looks eh, defense is like, hmmm… so he just looks like a tank, and normal is like, there are better ones.


@Pokemon, what do you think?


It has to be attack because that’s the only stat that really matters in this gane. Curios to do what they will do with speed form.


Attack doesn’t look as good though.


What do you think its good?


Question mark?



Do you know the stats


Maybe speed will attack and dodge very fast.

@PhilosophyLady and the others, why speed?
@Brobraam @Gary_oak @Kevin260709 @Ryan21 @alex9945 @DJNalu


It just looks good.


In the game, I do believe that some Pokemon dodge faster than others. Or, it’s speed will add onto stamina, since there isn’t one.


? You like the stats?


I prefer its look over the other forms


I meant what @Brobraam said.