Which IV stat affects the CP most? Stamina? Defense?



Dear companions, i was thinking about PVP 1500 league, and I had a question…
Wich pokemon will have more CP at the same level?..


Defense or Stamina?

As always, thanks people!


Probably the same, because attack is the most important for cp, but defense and stamina are the same in terms of contributing to cp


I’d say stamina.


Depends on the Pokemon
They have the same value in CP calculation, so if the Mon has a lower base stamina then stamina IV changes it more and vice versa


From my experience I think it’s Defenence and possibly even HP.


I would rather have 15/15/9 on most pokemon because with the lower defense stat in the latter, I see more of a difference. I would be cool to test this with the same mon going against the sane opponent…one mon being 15/15/9 and one being 15/9/15


CP wise they should both be the same
overall power wise it’s your choice


Its simple math