Which generations did you play


Which Poke Generations did you play?

I have played 1-5
Yellow gen 1
Silver/gold/crystal gen 2
Ruby gen 3
Diamond gen 4
Black / Black 2 gen 5

Didnt play Gen 6 (x and y) or Gen 7 (sun and moon)

  • Gen 1(yellow/red/blue)
  • Gen2(silver/gold/crystal)
  • Gen3(ruby/sapphire)
  • Gen4(diamond/pearl)
  • Gen5(Black1/White1/Black2/White2)
  • Gen6(x/y)
  • Gen7(Sun/moon)

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Play it all except for Sun and Moon


Sun was pretty good Omega Ruby was the best though.


I want to play Sun and Moon they look good and I like the way solago looks


Yep he looks like a messed up mutant tiger.


He’s one of the cooler ones he’s up there with Keldeo to me


Remind me of Leomon from digimon


Yup when he gos mega


Sun and moon/ultra sun/moon is fun, only drawback in my personal opinion is to many cutscenes and talking. I feel like I spent half the time in cutscenes or forced convos lol.


Is omega ruby gen 3 or 6


Gen 6
And imo the best is BW2


didnt play Black/WHite and diamond/pearl, because they are before my time(and gen 1,2 and 3 have been created again so they are from my time)


Remakes are part of the generation they are released in tho


I only got up to the 1st gym in pearl (beat it) but then I lost it